David Farrar at last joins the real world

A selection of comments from Mr. Farrar’s budget commentary.

This is the most surprising Budget yet from this Government. While I expected the Government to spend a small amount of money on helping low income families, never did I think they would be announcing the first real increase in benefit rates in 43 years as part of an almost $800 million child poverty package.

It will be almost impossible for Labour and Greens to credibly attack this Budget, because it looks a lot like the sort of Budget they would deliver. I’m impressed with the politics of it, but not impressed with the economics.

I’m not impressed with the politics. This is the same old surrender to the left and just one more admission that National lack the ability and guts to fight NZ’s left wing and their media and academia cohorts. National today, under the disgustingly fake right winger John Key are just a pack of treacherous surrendering political cowards. There is more….

The Government is taking a big risk here. They may be forgiven for not making surplus this year, but with a mere $176 surplus projected for 2015/16, there is a real risk they may not even make it next year. This is not good enough.

It is very cunning budget politically. It is delivering the very thing the left have been demanding – an increase in benefit rates.

But it is not a Budget I support. Where are the tax cuts for hard working Kiwis? Instead of a surplus and likely tax cuts, we get a further deficit and lots of extra spending. The Government had up until now done a good job of fiscal restraint, but not so on this occasion.

This is a Budget that should be praised on The Standard and The Daily Blog. John Key and Bill English have delivered more to families on benefits than Norman Kirk, Bob Tizard, David Lange, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen ever have.

Nobody who is sincere about their concern for small government and the rights of the individual, in particular that individual’s right to the money he earns by his own labour, can continue to support these disgusting John Key lead surrender monkeys and political cowards.

I have suffered a lot of criticism for my refusal to validate National’s slide into socialism. Now that even a die hard Nat like Mr. Farrar is saying similar things, will those critics change their minds?

14 thoughts on “David Farrar at last joins the real world

  1. Agree, you can’t even call them Labour Lite anymore as they are now far too left for that title. The role of National is clearly to keep Labour and Greens being a govt. As Metallica would sing “Nothing else matters”.


  2. Unfortunately, even after delivering this vomit inducing budget it seems that plenty of Key’s cheerleaders are in a state of everlasting joy praising their master’s so-called grand political prowess.

    This budget is the final nail in the coffin. Key has dragged NZ so far left we’re doomed to drown in red ink.


  3. Imagine how Sid Holland would view Key and his pack of gutless Kommies if he were ever to come back. he wrote the following Nat Party founding principles-

    “To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”


  4. Bribe the country, pay for it by selling the country.
    Is it self interest, a lack of patriotism or treason?


  5. Good to have you back posting Reddy,

    I really don’t know what to say, I really don’t.

    Farrar later on tried to spin as somehow being a success because Little did a poor job responding to it.
    Some National Commie losers on Kiwblog were trying to brand it as a “compassionate” or “humanitarian” budget while the big dumb yank waded in with more tedious garbage.

    It really is pathetic watching growing men behave like 14 year girls when a boy band comes to town. I have grave fears for the future of my country.


    • Yes, I fear Kiwiblog is a lost cause Ead, visited and patronised daily by the same collection of National Party diehard socialists and their associated obsessively distracted counterparts.

      The dominance of brainless idiots like Stephieboy and the deranged thug SH makes it largely a waste of time. Pity, because its comments section was once quite influential, (read by many more people)


      • You have heard of the false-front twitter accounts? Less than 10 locales for hundreds of identities? Trolling of that sort is designed to make each site attacked appear to be hostile to Right leaning thoughts. The purpose is to achieve a sort of Gresham’s Law extended to every institution “Bad drives out Good.”

        Farrar appears to approve of the bad, so you know him for the company he keeps. We recognize the SSM in broadcast and dead tree media by their behavior, so it’s foolish to think they are absent from influencing and even running the larger blogs. The lesson is to call out the Statist proponents wherever you see it — as you are doing — and write of alternative view points while you are still able — also as you are still doing. God bless your effort.


        • Thanks for your support and wisdom Pascal. I am sure we all know how difficult it is to keep a political blog going while dealing with the intricacies and pressures of everyday existence today.

          Thanks to all other contributors and viewers for their support too. Sincerely appreciated.


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