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  1. Good to have you back posting Redbaiter – everything alright?

    Kiwiblog has turned into a real ratsnest of Commies of late. All that is left are an army of National Party wet behind the ears, the usual prog trolls and about half a dozen or so of us that tell it like it is. Hopefully the Maori traffic issue has woken a few of them up but not likely and they’ll be back to cheering on Key and his Politburo in a couple of days in spite of all the shit he showers them with.

    FWIW – George Carlin is one of the best. An hour spend watching Carlin videos is probably the best education one can get in reality in 60 minutes.


    • The views of the so called right on Kiwiblog just represent the entrenched interests whose failure to fight the left in any meaningful way have brought us to where we are today, with the National Govt being so far left it is worse than the Labour govts of old.

      Key disgusts me so much and his supporters even more so that I can no longer stomach Kiwiblog or even the whole political situation in NZ.

      On a broader view, the blogosphere only has minimal influence on political events, and is read by maybe 10% of the voting electorate. That 10% has a hundred different political views.

      Blogging or commenting on blogs is therefore of dubious value in terms of changing political perceptions. Not saying that it doesn’t do that, but saying that the effort involved is hardly worth the return.

      Arguing with idiots like Griff and other utterly sickeningly psychopathic cowards and madmen like the fake Conservative you know who on Kiwiblog or elsewhere in the blogosphere is a waste of productive time in terms of real return. You’re just banging your head against a wall of ignorance and lies. There is no profit in trying to deal with narcissistic psycopaths who have not the slightest concern with truth or honesty.

      If you work for yourself as I do, in any kind of high pressure working environment, you have to decide where your time is better spent, and I have therefore decided to limit my time on the net.

      I’ve spent two decades fighting the left on the net, and its time to re-evaluate. I have to face reality. The left are winning, because of cowards like John Key and his supporters. Corporate cronyism runs deeper than at any other time in NZ’s history. The National Party is destroyed by Key and his henchmen. The UK Conservative Party is destroyed by the like coward David Cameron. The Republicans in the US have been destroyed by a similar succession of cowards.

      There is today no real and effective opposition to the left and their global power.

      I don’t think writing on the internet today brings enough return to justify its continuance. Better to let the whole corrupt and broken edifice collapse into its own excrement, and although that might be an event I regret, its the only solution I can see that will change the voter’s perceptions the way they need to be changed. Without any effort from myself.

      So I might post the occasional item up here, but in the main I have made the decision to spend less time on politics and more on enjoying myself.

      To those who feel differently and wish to continue the fight, good luck and best wishes. (Especially you EAD.)


      • I’ve looked into Kiwiblog recently RB and here;s the latest goings on . . . Garrett told all about his internet porn usage and the homosexual experiences he had as an adolescent (seriously). Herles is the pre-eminent authority on conservatism even though he spends all night and every night sucking up to the libertines, and there’s a dirty old man from Ekatahuna there too (and just in case you haven;’t noticed, he hates religion). But they miss you, you get mentioned regularly enough.!


    • My thoughts on the Maori traffic issue is that he Police have given up. Some would say years ago, but this separatism and apartheid has been coming to the surface for some time.


      • Its typical of NZ politics right now that people are calling for heads to roll but most do not include National Minister of Police Michael Woodhouse who is where the buck stops in cases like this. Just more proof that even though National are no better than Labour, the masses are content with this kind of corruption in their political parties. Really Woodhouse should go for allowing such a divisive and destructive policy to exist in his dept.


  2. Thanks Don, and see comment above. And thank you for by your presence on Kiwiblog and here giving me some greater belief in the overall decency of man.


  3. Good to see you posting again Red. Although I do not comment I always pick your posts up through the conservative site. I plan on posting more often. I am not an expert but seem to be more aware than most about the effect and history of PC and biculturalism on us here in NZ. My theory is that some smart thinking maori have used the cultural marxism structure to great effect here in NZ over the last 30 or so years (while the rest of us were sleeping). Now our apathy prevents us from action and the realisation that what used to be the party that stopped this sort of rubbish has fully embraced it purely for personal gain.

    The MAJOR question and one I believe will solve the issues with the maori elites push for apartheid is how do we motivated the silent common sense majority into action??? It is like the analogy of boiling a frog where it does not realise it is being cooked until too late – that is us. The only other alternative I can see but dislike intensly is to embrace multicuturalism to the extent that maori become a minority to asians and muslims in this country. Doing this however of course involves trading one form of oppression for another/s.

    More significant perhaps is that the “maori” have – using their abilty to manipulate the policitacl system for rights gains over ordinary kiwi’s- insulated themselves from multiculturalism completely. This essentially means they are allowed to be racist and anti immigratio and anti-anything if it works in favour of their “people”. I have little idea how we can get out of this mess, in a way Don Brash was the only hope at the right time, an investigation into the coup that toppled him in favour of the Maori embracer Key would be well warranted, the timing is just too suspect i.e. post foreshore and seabed etc.

    The reality is the maori elite have outsmarted the dozing and apathetic NZ’ers and those lefty’s with a case of white guilt have delayed and played defense for them until now. Maybe now it is too late? How do you mobilise an apathetic population like NZ’s??


    • Good question. Its not easy to mobilise any force while their bellies are full and they have Dancing With the Stars to watch.

      That our economic fortune is only down to mass immigration and the selling out of our traditional Kiwi culture is something they are largely blissfully unaware of.

      We once had a good country here, based on traditional Christian values and social customs, and it has all been wiped away by the corrupt and venal progressive faction that you see on Kiwiblog praising Key.

      Eagerly prostrating themselves to Gay Power, Brown Power, Feminism and every other Marxist social faction in blissful ignorance of the origins of these movements and/ or how they are yet to realise their planned long term outcomes.

      Kiwiblog and Whale Oil and the Standard (for example) are basically all the same. Places where Progressives go to bicker over governance. Very few recognise the big cultural changes that have occurred over the last fourty or fifty years, or are even curious as to why they have occurred and who and what is behind them.

      (Interesting that both Whale Oil and Kiwiblog have only recently prevented public access to their hit counters, which were previously out there as proud reminders of their success.)

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      • Good question. Its not easy to mobilise any force while their bellies are full and they have Dancing With the Stars to watch.

        That’s the whole point of NZ’s welfare state. Didn’t you realise? And it’s worked: we’re pretty much the only Western country not to have suffered a serious domestic terrorist attack in the last hundred years or so.

        or are even curious as to why they have occurred and who and what is behind them

        The universal franchise, and thus, communists.


      • I thought that the hit counters had to be public to get a rating and

        2. What we are seeing is a general dumbing down of society.


  4. Welcome back Red.

    Understand where you are coming from.

    But you have not failed. Key is yesterdays man.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if there is a train wreck first.


  5. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I agree, and I would not want to dissuade others from accelerating our path towards it. Keep up the good work mate.


  6. I recall when George presented the “7 words you’re not allowed to say on television.” He said them so quickly as to be incomprehensible, a very smart man. In this work he serves up the truth, that eco-terrorists are filled with conceit. Thanks True.


  7. Good to see you back Red but I do agree; it’s a waste of time at KB with all the little blue smurf voters.

    The Conservatives will be better off without Colin as leader – but they need to take the fight to National in the same way that the Tea Party took it too the GOP. It’s the last hope for NZ I think.


    • Yes, the extreme left have succeeded in their stated aim of taking over the socialist parties in America, UK, Australia and NZ, and most other Western countries. (Democrats, Labour, Labor and Labour)

      They have also succeeded in their stated secondary objective, which was to infiltrate and exert as much influence as possible over their opposition. (Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Nationals)

      Nowhere is there more proof of this success than in the scribblings of the Nat surrender monkeys on Kiwiblog, and their elevation of politically correct far left Progressives like David Farrar to the position of right wing icons.

      What is going on in the Conservative Party is no worse than what might occur in any party, but of course Slater has always wanted to bring them down. With his hatred and intolerance of the Conservatives and groups like Family First he exemplifies the rotten progressive core that has made the National Party so ineffective as a political force.

      I think the Conservatives can re-establish themselves once this is over. They have many good people working within the party who have the strength and courage necessary to reunite it and turn it into a real electoral force.

      All they need is the right leader.


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