Spineless directionless National plays to Labour’s rules

Louise Upston

Minister for Woman Louise Upston

No difference between these two pissant progressive parties. Well there is one, and that is that Labour are at least reasonably true to their principles.

The Minister for Women ( a Ministry that should be abolished) Louise Upston (a Minister that should be fired) boasted today.

“New Zealand now has the highest ever percentage of women on state sector boards and committees. I am pleased to report that women represented 43.4 per cent of state sector boards and committees, at the end of 2015. This is a significant increase on 41.7 per cent in 2014.

51.4 percent of Ministerial appointments to boards in 2015 were women.

Ms Upston also challenged the private sector employers to encourage the next level of leaders. “Whilst women’s participation on public sector boards and committees has been over 40 per cent for the past decade, the private sector still lags behind with women’s representation on boards at only 17 per cent.”

Go away you Marxist nitwit and start hiring and promoting people on ability not what sex they are. And any private sector organisation that regards advice from you as worth heeding deserves to go broke, as the govt would if it wasn’t for a steady stream of stolen taxpayer money.

Why voters keep supporting these Nat numpties is something I will never understand. The lesser of two evils just doesn’t cut it anymore. Its an approach that just causes the National Party to gutlessly slide further and further left. How far will you allow them to slide?