Facebook’s and MSM’s problem with Conservatives

Brent Bozell and a bunch of Conservative representatives met with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the company’s concerns with Conservative criticism.

Facebook admits it has been blocking Conservative news and opinion, but says it is unintentional and that it would like to fix the problem.

Bozell talked about the meeting with broadcaster Tomi Lahren, and I think his closing paragraph encapsulates the whole of the MSM problem.

“Why does Facebook want to talk to conservatives? I think because the erosion of trust directly influences their business model. But something struck with me yesterday. They acknowledged unequivocally that this is the heart of liberalism and that the conservative world view — it’s not that they don’t agree with it, it’s that they don’t understand it.”

Shame the likes of Fairfax and its ilk can’t latch on to the problem the way Zuckerberg has. But that’s why they’re failing, losing their jobs, and Zuckerberg is for better or worse, one of the most successful men on the globe.

Update: Rush Limbaugh say the censorship will keep happening.