Bill Shorten and the head on

Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten pullled his convoy over to the side of a country road for a press conference the other day. (19th). Apparently the collection of vehicles created a hazard and there was a head on collision involving two passing vehicles as a result.

The media and Shorten were no doubt apologetic concerning the event, but some people criticised Shorten for turning the misfortune of those involved in the crash into a publicity stunt.

The LW media haven’t made much of this story of course, but The Peterbuilt Blog has an interesting back story in that after his own article on the accident he received comments from those involved in the crash.

They tell a different story to that which we read in the MSM. Here’s an excerpt-

He (Shorten) is an oppurtunistic arsewipe that took full advantage of a terrible situation to promote himself to the public. Dont get me wrong, I appreciate him & his people taking care of my boy & getting him home but as you said, it would have been far more genuine if ALL CAMERAS STOPPED. Now here’s the kicker, what the cameras didn’t show was the 2yr old little boy crying & calling out to Mr Shorten to let him keep a little plush horse toy that he was given to play with & then had taken straight back off him when the cameras stopped!! WHAT A GREAT MAN HE IS AYE!!

Read the full blog story here.