Elon Musk would be Steve Joyce’s best buddy

An interesting column has been written in the Detroit News by one Eric Peters, and it attacks entrepreneur Elon Musk as a cronyist.

Peters claims that Elon Musk’s record of success is all smoke and mirrors based around govt grants and subsidies.

I’ve no doubt its all true, but I was surprised to see Kiwiblog running this story.

What’s going on with Musk and various govt agencies is just what Steven Joyce and his MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment) are doing in NZ. You can search on TrueblueNZ to find out what a farce this outfit is. Overpaid parasites on the junket of a lifetime with taxpayer’s money.

Did Mr Farrar intend his Musk story to reflect on Joyce and his Ministry? I dunno, but it should. The National Party doing socialism and cronyism better than Labour ever could.