Stop worrying, “quality news” is on the way

Quality newsLet’s start by saying good on these guys for at least having a go.

I’m talking about Former NZ Herald editor-in-chief Tim Murphy and former Mediaworks head of news Mark Jennings, who were recent casualties of a dying industry and have decided to strike out on their own.

Jennings was replaced at Mediaworks in Feburary this year. Tim Murphy resigned from the NZ Herald last June.

So they’re going to start a “media consultancy business” and build a “news website.” Murphy said the site would focus on stories that matter rather than getting clicks.

The website isn’t a reality yet, as Jennings and Murphy are still looking for funding from “corporate backers, advertising, or other investors.”

So there you go readers. An excellent chance to get a quick return on your buck. Put your investment dollars behind a couple of commies who want to produce commie news on a commie web site. What could be more in demand and more successful today than a product like that? Chances like this don’t come along too often. 🙂