Clementine Ford challenges research showing women as abusive as men!

Clementine_Ford2This is actually quite incredible. One of the most cowardly and abusive internet personalities I’ve seen is challenging research that claims women themselves are responsible for an equal amount of misogynist abuse online as men are.

The Demos social media study monitored the use of the terms by UK Twitter users over a three-week period and found women were just as likely as men to tweet abuse.

Clementine Ford disagrees with the research.

“It would be interesting to know how many of these accounts were verified to belong to actual women. I’m well aware that women employ the language of patriarchy against each other in order to negotiate some form of nominal power, but there is also a rising practice of men creating ‘sock accounts’ in which they pose as women in order to make it seem like this isn’t a gendered problem.”

What worthless unproven crap. If anyone wanted any proof of just how abusive some woman can be they wouldn’t have to look much further than the far left Ford. Here’s a tweet she recently sent referencing right wing columnist Miranda Devine.