Devoy doesn’t get that she’s a big part of the problem

race-card02Fascist anti-freedom of speech campaigner and all round Marxist divider Dame Susan Devoy is shooting her mouth off again in yet another example of her complete lack of self awareness and problem solving abilities.

One would normally wonder why someone so incompetent and opposed to our traditional NZ life style would hold the position she does, but who expects anything else from the ideologically lost NZ National Party today? She’s on nearly a quarter of a million dollars salary, but there’s as much chance of her being fired as there is of Donald Trump joining the Democrats.

In an opinion piece littered with factual errors and logically incoherent ramblings, Devoy makes the following massively insulting statement-

Today, Maori New Zealanders make up more than half of our total prison population, a damning indictment on a system that is many times more likely to arrest a young person if he is Maori.  Maori girls and women are even more over-represented.

Don’t mistake the real meaning here readers. Its the “system’s” fault that Maori commit more crime. Who and what is this system? White Europeans who came here and subjected occupying Maori to what Maori Party founder Tariana Turia once described as NZ’s own “holocaust”.

Yes, this is what you get from NZ’s millennial generation after decades of brainwashing by the politically corrupt so called Education Ministry. Devoy is just a brainless yapping mouth piece for these uneducated imbeciles now employed at the Human Rights Commission.

Listen Dame Susan, in the slim chance that you might read this, you need to snap out of your mentally diminished state and start facing up to the real issues. That’s if you really do want to fix the problem, and not just drive Marxist wedges into NZ society and split it asunder even more than you already have.

Maori in NZ are victims of the “soft bigotry of low expectations”, a projection of the far left who see them only as a means to a political objective. They must be kept brainwashed, soaked in misinformation and the resentment it produces, and used as political doormats for the left’s aspirations to power. Kept on the plantation, as is said quite regularly in the US where African Americans are similarly exploited by the Democrat Party.

Nothing will improve for Maori or NZ as a whole while you and others like you keep producing this evil destructive divisive rhetoric. Promoting the paradigm of victimhood is the one thing that is sure to make Maoris more so the victims. You’re compounding what is already a serious social problem.

Stop the patronising, stop the promotion of false solutions, and stop exploiting Maori as a left wing political strategy.

You will not do this of course.

So it is only when you and others like you are removed from positions of power and influence that Maori will start on the long road back to independence from the state and a resultant social redemption.