Cooper’s craven cowardice does all business a disservice

Should businesses cave in to the demands of cultural Marxist / social justice warrior bullies? Or does it just encourage the left to attack more private enterprises, and use the businesses as political footballs?

Watching the Bolt Report a few nights ago and Andrew covered the story of the Cooper’s Brewery boycott. The company was seen to be promoting a debate on Same Sex Marriage. Activists upset about the fact there should be a debate, attacked the company through social media and organised a boycott of their beer products.

Andrew promoted Coopers on his show. Support them he said. Buy their product and show the petty tyrants that these tactics will not work. Many would have been influenced by this sentiment and been ready to go out and buy Coopers, as a counter to the boycott. A chance for the silent majority to exercise their power.

But Cooper’s quick craven and cowardly back down soon put an end to that kind of thinking. The company’s two principals produced a video publicly displaying their complete subjugation, including a betrayal of those taking part in the debate and the co-sponsor. They professed a desire to see Same Sex Marriage implemented, joined the organisation promoting this confrontation to traditional marriage concepts, and repeated weak propaganda about “equality and diversity”.

Could there ever have been a more complete and spineless surrender?

Such a weak back down only empowers the bullies blackmailers and threat makers to go on to greater successes, and it is not only a betrayal of courage, and our traditional society, but it will put more businesses in the same situation if they ever find themselves unwittingly mixed up in such a scenario. Like payment of ransoms only encourages more kidnappings.

Bolt’s show encouraged us to support Coopers, and many were ready to do this. Now, after Cooper’s weak surrender, those same people will probably never buy another Cooper’s product in their lifetime.

Apparently Coopers’ were one of the first companies to surrender to the confidence trick of Halal Certification too. Once again giving encouragement to those who would blackmail and threaten.