The communist thugs Western politicans compete to fawn over

News item 1.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has touched down in Canberra for a five-day visit focussed on strengthening China’s economic relationship with Australia and positioning his country as a bulwark against rising protectionism. China analyst Peter Cai from the Lowy Institute said the visit would be framed by the isolationist rhetoric emanating from the White House under US President Donald Trump.

News item 2.

A Sydney professor and critic of growing Chinese government influence in Australia has been prevented from boarding a flight to return home to Sydney, and has been told he is not allowed to leave China. Chongyi Feng is an Associate Professor in Chinese Studies at the University of Technology Sydney. More recently he had been vocal about the growing control and influence of Beijing on Australia’s Chinese-language media outlets.

So while Trump is criticized frequently and harshly for mostly manufactured and untrue allegations of tyranny, a real warmongering tyrant who holds power by terror and the force of arms, walks around in Australia enjoying a wave of mainstream media approval. Even while an Australian resident is being detained in China for no good reason.

Leaving aside the Chinese Premier’s professed care for free trade. An example of the rank hypocrisy communists are well known for, but still seems to wash well with the majority of the hapless Western media. Quote-

“It doesn’t matter which trading partner you talk to – be it the Japanese or the U.S. or neighboring countries or European countries. They all feel the same, that there’s a growing protectionism here,” Michael Clauss, the German ambassador to China, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday.

A disgrace that makes me ashamed to be a Westerner.

7 thoughts on “The communist thugs Western politicans compete to fawn over

  1. I cringed when I saw these 2 chumming up to each other. But hard cold reality has to be faced and unfortunately with Trump’s protectionist policies in US, The terrible reality of inadequacies with Australia’s military to stand up to the Chinese if we are left to our own devices makes us look very paltry indeed.
    Their posturing in south china sea is one example of them basically saying “it’s our way or the highway”.
    Australia is in a very difficult position with global trade indeed. What is Turnbull and the Libs to do?
    The “middle class” (however one defines that) has had it easy for last decade or two because of welfare policies geared towards keeping them in ever increasing higher standards of living. Taxpayers money that has gone to supporting them could have been spent bolstering up our national security and defense arrangements. But Fed governments of the day and even now until Trump made it to POTUS have relied on the good old USA helping us if push comes to shove with geopolitics and any potential military action.

    Unfortunately that “prop” holding up Australia’s military strategy is now looking increasing inwards to their own country (USA).

    Reality bites hard!


  2. Thanks very much.He has landed in New Zealand now and our PM appears to be falling over himself to sell out our country.
    It is so weird when we have a PM who is openly supportive of a communist country and at the same time critical of the USA .
    National make me sick.


  3. Perhaps a countermeasure to being “blackmailed” into trading with china on their terms is to help India get it’s act together? Only 1.1+ billion population.

    Having options in global trade is a good thing… yes?


  4. We should have gone in there long ago and flattened those commie bastards. Now they’re strong as hell, and they’re going to kill a lot of people and they’re going to take some beating. Internal revolt would appear to be the only solution but even that is hard when they’re so ruthless.


  5. Hindsight is a good thing Redbaiter, but I think the west, especially US were reluctant and for good reason to engage in all out war with communist dictatorships like China before their economic climb & consequently military buildup over last decade or two now.

    If a war is to be serious, its not a game of tit for tat like it a lot of localized wars around the world are these days end up being, due to so called “international law” & rules of engagement crap. The humanitarianism of war has merely prolonged conflicts. Syrian war in recent years is but one example.

    A “true”war is all out with everything a countries military can muster, purely just to end it as soon as possible and of course nuclear weapons to date are the only way to do this quickly and efficiently with utter mass destruction. No need for massive nuclear warheads, they are the absolute last resort no doubt but even small ones like used in Hiroshima & Nagasaki would send a very clear and unambiguous message that the attacking country means business. Very serous business.

    Remember they were rebuilding in those parts of Japan within couple yrs of those early small nuclear warheads being dropped.

    Cruel and downright mean that may sound, there is no escaping that cold hard fact about might makes right.

    I”m sure there is rebellion gong on against communist government in China these days, its just that with the “great firewall of china” we in the west don’t hear of it, of if we do it’s only snippets of controlled information.


  6. Human rights still touchy issue in china (surprise, surprise!) as evidenced by restraining for “official” questioning University of Technology Sydney academic Feng Chongyi.

    “As a condition for his departure, Chen said, Feng was made to sign a statement agreeing not to divulge details of his questioning or where it had taken place.”

    No surprise really, Communist thugs are communist thugs, no 2 ways about it!


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