Nick and Maggie looking for a hero

The NZ National party lost the battle of ideas decades ago. Its political strategy today is mostly a series of slow steady surrenders, one after the other after the other, to progressive ideology.

Currently, the Nationals are all a tizz over the prospect of current Labour party leader Andrew Little losing his defamation case, being bankrupted and needing therefore to retire as an MP. They apparently see Little’s probable retirement as a defeat for Labour.

Its not a defeat, for Labour has already won the battle of ideas, and Little will just be replaced by another similar Labour figure. Nothing will change. Labour will continue to set the agenda, and the Nats will slowly tag along behind, giving in bit by bit by bit to every silly socialist/ Green idea out there. Here’s a particularly bad example, a day earlier and it might have been mistaken for an April Fool’s joke-

Nick Smith, Maggie Barry 2 April, 2017
Calling all NZ environmental heroes – Green Ribbon awards open.

Nominations for the 27th annual Green Ribbon Awards are now open, giving New Zealanders the chance to honour our environmental leaders, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith and Conservation Minister Maggie Barry say.

These prestigious awards recognise outstanding contributions by individuals, communities and organisations to protect and enhance the environment. Previous years have showcased an impressive array of initiatives making a difference to our natural assets and wildlife,” Dr Smith says.

“The 10 categories include biodiversity, resilience to climate change, waste minimisation, caring for fresh water, coastal and ocean protection, leadership, philanthropy and partnerships, and the Supreme Winner category.”

Environmentalism is Marxist Communism, designed to de-industrialise and eventually cripple the West, but rather than expose it as this, the Nats gleefully buy into it with the above “award” being a sickening but stark illustration of how they are controlled by the far left. Because they lack the wit, the knowledge and most of all the guts to be otherwise.

Yesterday, David Farrar blogged on “A Century of Communism“, and all the usual Commieblog comments section was there enthusiastically agreeing on what a disaster of a political system it is when most of them are like Nick Smith and Maggie Barry, unknowingly communists themselves.

Mark Levin

“The environmental movement is a communist movement in many respects. It’s a red movement. It’s secreted itself into the Environmental Protection Agency. “How do I know? Because they tell us. And so, we have this de-growth, no-growth movement, this anti-capitalist movement, this anti-American lifestyle movement, from their own mouths, from their own declarations and proclamations, from their own meeting notes, trying to destroy us from within.”

However the Nat’s commitment to communism doesn’t end with environmentalism. Today on Kiwiblog we have one of the worst kiss-arse commies that ever shows up there doing a guest post on how the Wanganui (or Whanganui as he of course spells it) National Party’s local branch is doing such a good job because the candidate they have selected is 1) a woman, and 2) a Maori, (and she’s also a lawyer). Two local white males, one a dentist and the other a farmer, missed out.

Current Wanganui MP Chester Borrows said-

“I think that (she is a woman and a Maori) says a heck of a lot about Harete as a candidate. This is a real blue ribbon day. The National Party membership have recognised that there’s a big picture here.”

Acting electorate chairman Neil Walker was pleased with the result-

“It reflects what the country is becoming. The National Party needs more women candidates. I am proud to deliver on it.”

Not a damn word about any commitment to any particular political principles, like low taxes, small govt and individual liberty.

The white males never had a snowball’s chance in hell. Overwhelmed by the Wanganui Nat’s witless craven surrender to Cultural Marxism.

What a sick joke it is that these sad brainwashed morons and the rest of the NZ National Party think they’re a real alternative to the Labour party.

3 thoughts on “Nick and Maggie looking for a hero

  1. Man, that Keeping Stock is such a pathetic Nat Party suck up. he should link up with The Veteran, they’d get on like a house on fire.

    National Good, Labour Bad! National Good, Labour Bad! National Good, Labour Bad!


    • You’re right on the button there. If they’re an example of your average Nat party member there’s no mystery about why its gone so far left its taken Labour’s territory.

      Useless wet progs who will go to their graves not knowing they have been turned and what useful idiots they are.


  2. Kiwiblog propaganda site is fairly sick. Farrar never tackles any substantial issues. I previously wondered why Red had given up there, but its a milk sop trash blog now.


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