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I’ve had numerous requests for the use of these videos from other twitter users, so am posting them here to give anyone access to them. The can be embedded or linked to by using the share button in the top right hand corner of each video.

Video 1 She’s not there


Video 2 Global warming over kids in poverty


Video 3 Economic success- Jacinda Versus Trump


Video 4 The real Jacinda Ardern


Video 5 False hope to the poor


Video 6 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on campaign finance legislation

This video doesn’t exist


Video 7 Watermelons- Fakeness of the Green Party

8 thoughts on “Video- Published by @Redbaiternz on Twitter

  1. Excellent videos Red. And yes, she’s taking us towards Venezuela very rapidly indeed. She just threw away another $100,000000 yesterday. Love the music


  2. Hi Red, just watched the one on the economy. Woah, less than $40 for a family on groceries. $100 for myself would be a challenge. Well this isn’t prosperity for families, it is prosperity for the global warming fanatics. Maybe that’s where all the money has gone.


  3. We’ve been suspicious??? MSM, the great socialist/communist.propaganda machine has for years sucked us peace-loving kiwis into this vortex. I hope like s….t, this is not too late?


  4. You need to correct an error in Video 6 where you have text stating “So this ….. is the best candidate the Democrats can come up with to challenge Mr Trump in 2020? ….” in reference to Representative Ocasio-Cortez. She is not one of the line up in the Democratic primary contest that will select the candidate to run against Trump in the 2020 election.

    Your videos are very interesting. I knew PM Adern is to the Left but am nevertheless astonished that she was involved with the IUSY only 10 years ago and has communist beliefs still. Yes, astonished.

    (Kiwi who has lived the past 11 years in the US )


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