New Nats leader Muller fails badly in first real & probing interview

If by any kind of strange desire, you wish to see someone doing an imitation of a stick insect on speed, then you need to watch Jack Tame’s interview of Todd Muller on NZ Q and A last night. Tame asked some fairly simple questions of Muller, that he should have had ready answers for but instead left him floundering. Stuttering, hesitating and windmilling his arms and hands like crazy.

In the first instance, Muller wants to sell the word “plan”, which he mentioned over and over and over again. Even though he doesn’t appear to have a plan. Mr Muller also wanted to sell Amy Adams. Apparently it is a big step forward for the Nats, having an extreme leftist like Adams ranked number three in the party. The third thing Muller went on and on about was his “phenomenal” team.

For his plan though, there wasn’t much. When asked if he would spend more or less than Ardern, he couldn’t say. Neither could he say what he wanted to do, even though he was sure that Jacinda was doing it wrong. Apparently there is some other way to help small businesses besides giving them huge amounts of money to help them pay their employees wages. Keep them on the payroll. In the end, Tame gave up on trying to find out what the alternative, or Muller’s plan, actually was.

Of course all of this was just two sides of the same socialist coin. Every bit of money passing through the government’s hands at the moment is either borrowed or worse, printed, leaving a huge insurmountable debt for following generations to pay off. Leaving aside the numerous downsides to printing money. Its no real solution. All the govt is doing is putting off the disaster for another day.

The issue is not dolling out more borrowed or printed money. Its insane that debt has reached the levels it already has. The way out of this mess is to get the country back to work. For businesses to open their doors. Muller and his coteries of lefty losers needs to pressure the govt on this, not more handouts. We need to get back to work. Not next month. Not next week but today!

This is the rub you see. Muller has made himself Minister of Small Business, and seeks to make a name for himself in this area, because “he understands it”. He doesn’t. This is just spin. Working at Zespri and or Fonterra for an $800,000 salary for 15 years doesn’t make Muller a small businessman. It makes him a fat cat who leached off the efforts of small businessmen, many who are desperately unhappy with the overpaid and overstaffed management of those monopoly operations.

Muller fumbled his interview with the lefty Jack Tame. The truth is, he has no idea how to deal with the left, simply because he’s one of them.