Hapless leaderless National Party desperately in need of new blood

She demands loyalty, but it was her disloyalty to her former leader that was key in bringing about his downfall. Bridges was stabbed in the back by a pack of liberal leftists in the party who had undermined him for almost the whole two years of his leadership. Judith Collins was one of those leftists, along with Amy Adams, Nicki Kaye, Todd Muller, Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis.

The plotters replaced Simon Bridges after a Facebook pile on organised by Labour’s vast social media army convinced them that he would never win the election. That they were so easily sucked in by this transparent Labour strategy should have been warning that they were never going to measure up.

Todd Muller replaced Bridges as leader and stumbled from one disaster to another before throwing in the towel. That this weak imposter, so critical of Simon Bridges, failed so soon after he was himself put under pressure demonstrates even further what a major misjudgment the whole leadership coup was.

Muller was on NewstalkZB the very day before he backstabbed Mr Bridges saying Simon was doing a great job and deserved to keep the leadership. Its a measure of how weak and miserable and lame the Nats are today that this shameless Benedict Arnold still sits on the opposition benches. He should have been told never to come back from his so called “sick leave”.

After Muller came Collins, who was always after the leadership anyway. Collins claims she’s a Conservative and that she styles herself after Margaret Thatcher, but Thatcher was a real Conservative who rejected feminism and feminists, while the liberal lefty Collins clings to that destructive ideology like a security blanket.

Collins was so intimidated by Labour and its media soldiers that upon taking the leadership, she announced her intention to make National “less combatative”, and the party is so shambolically devoid of fight, they let her get away with this absurd statement. (Leaving aside the Marxist commitment to “diversity”. Really how clueless can they get? How low can they crawl to the sick contemptible poseurs calling themselves the media)

Collins lost the election by a landslide, and during pre-election polling never got close to the polling of Simon Bridges prior to the Covid19 crisis. So why the hell was she kept on after? She should have been told to go there and then, and fresh blood brought to the fore.

What fresh blood? Good question. Its not the Michelle Obama quoting Christopher Luxon, who seems to be completely politically clueless and driven only by personal ambition. Its not the collection of liberal lefties who back stabbed Mr Bridges. Its not any of the old guard who have been there for twenty to thirty years and have made a habit of caving in to the left on every issue that mattered. (Brownlee, Nick Smith for example) They should all be kicked out of the party long before the next election along with Todd Muller.

So who is it? Well, in lieu of returning Mr Bridges as leader, who at least seems to be mounting some kind of fight against Labour, it would seem National’s new leader is yet to join the party.

Which would be the best option. A new leader to clean out the old deadwood surrender monkeys, deal with the left liberal infiltrators, and awaken the rest of the party to the need to FIGHT THE CULTURAL WAR which by its nature includes a full tilt battle against the corrupt green left soldiers of the mainstream media.

Once there was an old adage that you shouldn’t fight someone who orders ink by the barrel, but this is outmoded now. There is political profit in standing up to an institution many voters see as corrupt to the core, and nowadays media wield nothing like the power they once did. They can be beaten by the right people, as politicians like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump have demonstrated.

Whatever, the Nats can’t go on as they are, with a giggling feminist as leader and ignoring the cultural war, this ignorance being probably the major reason for their demise. One thing for certain, when they do decide to take action, they shouldn’t make the mistake of listening to and being guided by liberal left media “commentators” and consultants. Look where that got them last election.

3 thoughts on “Hapless leaderless National Party desperately in need of new blood

  1. The National Party, what a mess.
    You are right, the next leader is yet to join the party.
    They all voted to take the guns. They all support the climate carbon zero scam. They all believe Covid is real. They all believe wind turbines work when they cant boil a jug.
    Lets go back a bit. Around 1980 was the beginning of the China boom. China has not bought into the climate scam and are building coal fired gangbusters. To help China’s boom Douglas crashed NZ industry. Nationals Richardson continued the program. China goes up NZ goes down. Planned. Look at Norway State owned oil and a trillion dollar sovereign fund. NZ gets by on a lousy 5% royalty and we are broke, debt ridden.
    It is going to take some serious work to turn NZ around and backing some ridiculous Maori economy wont help. We are all in this together.
    We have to stop electing duds. We have to get rid of MMP and the Greens and any other misfit.
    We need a new party starting now. We have to be running 12 months before the next election.
    We have a choice a) We all join an existing party and change it from within or b) We build a new party from scratch. We need a front ‘man’. We need a leader people can relate to. We need a leader that can relate to the people. We need honesty.
    We have to do away with Keys Open Bank Resolution. Look it up.
    We have to pull landlords out of housing. People should own their own homes and those with extra capital should be investing in the real economy. That way we will need less foreign investment.
    We need a damn good economist or two.
    We have to give the guns back in case China comes up the beaches.
    We are buying the wrong planes to replace the Orions thanks to NZ First.
    A lot of work to do.

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    • Are you fucking retarded? “They all believe wind turbines work when they cant boil a jug.” I’m a FUCKING ELECTRICAL ENGINEER WHO DESIGNS, BUILDS, AND MAINTAINS WIND TURBINES.

      I can take you up to a wind turbine and let you hold onto the output if you’d like. Let’s see what’s left of you and see if it can boil a fucking jug.


  2. Aaron.
    Be careful who you call a retard and mind the language.
    You are too late. The output has already been grabbed. Dead. Nothing there but useless harmonics termed in the industry as dirty energy.
    Lets for a moment consider a generator in a hydro power house. It is required by law to rotate at a fixed speed and as the load increases it has the effect of slowing the generator thereby the sluice gate is opened further to allow more water to maintain speed. A wind turbine flaps about at all sorts of crazy speeds.
    And you ought to know this one. The grid has to be synchronous and wind turbines are asynchronous.
    The grid is required by law to maintain 50Hz exactly.
    The wind turbines are causing the world’s blackout.
    I am glad you stopped by for a lesson.


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