Sleepwalking to communist tyranny

It might be hard to believe, but once there were two political parties in New Zealand, with opposing views. There must have been, for why else would the National Party’s founding principles emphasize opposition to socialism and communism?

Well, whatever, that opposition doesn’t exist today, because the Nats have been asleep at the wheel for a number of decades. Socialism and communism are mainstream in New Zealand politics, and the Nats are apparently quite happy about this circumstance. How do we know they’re happy? Because we never hear a damn peep from them on issues that count.

The most glaring example of the Nat’s failure is the education system. Sure, they muddled around a bit, and helped ACT in their futile attempts to establish private schools, but really, it was a project always doomed to failure, and it always suffered from a lack of urgency and commitment, probably because most in the National party didn’t see the issue.

When really, it is the issue. The most important issue ever. An issue having a stark and wide ranging effect upon the country’s future political direction. Nothing else matters one iota if the left are indoctrinating your children, and the National Party surrendered in this battle long ago.

The Nats are so sleepy (and ACT not much better) that they have continuously, and almost to the point of deliberation, been intent on ignoring the left’s use of culture as a political weapon. Amy Adams, thankfully retired, gained some notoriety for her public statement that her party needed to “keep up with the times”. Its a measure of the Nat’s ignorance on the cultural war that this empty headed imbecile was at one time touted as a potential party leader. God help us.

Today the NZ Human Rights Commission has publicised a proposal to teach the disgusting evil of Critical Race Theory, not only in primary schools and secondary schools, but also in pre-schools.

Teachers will soon have an ethical responsibility to play their part in stamping out racism in the classroom.The Unteach Racism programme, created by the Teaching Council and the Human Rights Commission, aims to help teachers address racism in early childhood, primary and secondary classrooms.

Teachers are going to be forced to feed this vicious hate mongering Marxist ideology into the minds of five year old kids, or they’ll be denied a teaching licence. Race Commissioner Meng Foon, currently NZ’s most powerful anti-white hate mongerer, stated that he “hoped the programme would require teachers to show proof of their efforts to unteach racism in order to meet the requirements of their registration”. Foon also says-

“Like with driving, if you don’t behave yourself, you’re not going to get your licence.”

This is not only an outrageous assault on the rights of parent to raise their own children, its a base and evil move by the Ardern govt to exercise speech and mind control over our youngest kids. If ever there was an example of the left molesting the minds of children, it is this disgusting project.

So what have we heard from the Nats or ACT on this proposal? A big fat zero. Paul Goldsmith holds the shadow education portfolio, and he’s funnily enough worried about truancy. In other words, he wants more kids to be indoctrinated by these vile exploitative communist scum who pose as educators. Education is failing in maths, science, reading and what the hell, why not indoctrinate them into race hate and communism while they’re ignorant? The more the merrier. How could there be a better outcome for New Zealand?

A couple of years ago the Education Dept introduced a similar indoctrination program on climate change. Its now apparently embedded in the system, and the Nats still can’t work out why they need to go green left to attract the votes of school leavers.

In ten or twenty years time, they’ll likewise need to be an anti-white communist party to attract votes. Well, who cares? Amy Adams for one will be rapturous to see they’ve “kept up with the times”..

10 thoughts on “Sleepwalking to communist tyranny

  1. Absolutely agree with you on Amy Adams. She has taken what is left of the right wing part of National party and flushed it completely down the toilet. Compared to her Judith Collins looks good, but unfortunately National has become socialistic, so Judith Collins is leader of ________, and to continue to lead, she needs to be relevant to it.


    • Yes, its a shame what has happened. Just feel New Zealand has been ruined while the Nats just stood and watched, or worse, even participated in the ruination. Just puzzled as to how they can be so dumb concerning the left’s long term agenda.


      • Because the Nats were also drunk on the UNEP kool-aid, UN Special Res 2334, UN GMC, ParisDiscord, Kyoto, 2030 Transformational Agenda, UN Urban Agenda Habitat III, all fervently embraced or expedited by corporate globalist technocractic neo-Marxist luvvies. Key exposed himself with an attempt at flag change, that brazen and intentional uncoupling from the past, from culture, customs and tradition. Successive NZ GOV have delivered the country into the bloody hands of the CCP, direct descendants of Mao and his murderous cohorts. NZ is not alone. The rest of the World is going to hell in a hand-basket. War is at hand, as the cultural sitzkrieg plays itself out.


  2. There have been so many changes at so-called grass roots levels that the gNats were blind to. E.g. 60 ma & pa businesses – likely 120 supporters of a pro-business National Party – crushed by big box shops with 120 pro-socio-commie staff. Much the same for farmers and orchardists.


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