Are Electric Car Buyers Brain Damaged?

Electric cars are presently the flavour of the week among the chattering elite. Barack Obama loves them so much he’s spending other people’s money on them like there is no tomorrow. Latest figures demonstrate that each Chevy Volt off the assembly line has been subsidised by $250,000 of taxpayer’s money.

7000 have been produced, and the bulk of these have been bought by government agencies.

Now they’ve all been recalled to the factory because they have a disturbing tendency to catch fire. If anyone buys a Chevy Volt, they’re not only ready to overlook a serious safety problem, they’re also prepared to let other people pay the price for their folly.

Buying a car that other people have been compelled to pay for, and that is extremely dangerous to operate, demonstrates a severely diminshed sense of responsibility towards the community.

Buying a car that is based on a demonstrably flawed concept (green cars) when it has been proven time and time again that electric cars are extremely damaging to the environment, shows a complete inability to do mathematics or to reason.

Buying a car just because the government tells you to also indicates the kind of slavish mindset that no intelligent person would ever succumb to.

Hang on, all that may be so, but what about fuel efficiency? Yeah, good question-.

A woman who expected her Civic Hybrid to be her dream car wants Honda to pay for not delivering the 50 mpg it promised.

..Heather Peters is going solo against the automaker in small-claims court, an unusual move that could offer a bigger payout. And if successful, it could open the door to a flood of similar lawsuits.

A trial was set for Tuesday in Torrance, where American Honda has its West Coast headquarters. Peters, a former lawyer, says that as her vehicle’s battery deteriorated, it got only 30 mpg.

When Honda ignored her complaints, she filed legal papers seeking reimbursement for her trouble and the extra money she spent on gas. The suit could cost the company up to $10,000.

Electric car buyers are morons. What does that say about the people who make them, and the politicians who thrust them upon us? Or in the end, the people who worship those politicians? I reckon they’re all FITH.

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