The Socialist Elite

Helen Klark never really had a productive job in her life. Nevertheless, I read somewhere that before making it into Parliament, as a fervid young socialist, she had managed a trip from NZ to Europe for almost every year of her life. All funded by someone else’s money.

Whilst serving as PM, it was made public that she owned something like 5 or 6 houses , and on finally being dismissed, she resigned from parliament with a huge perks package and superannuation, and then went on to a spot with the United Nations with probably an even greater salary and greater perks package and greater superannuation, and still all funded by other people’s money.

Leaving aside the fact that Klark was alleged to have bought her position with the UN by donating millions of (taxpayer) dollars more than any other NZ PM to that despicable corrupt, criminal and dysfunctional organisation.

Barack Obama has become extremely wealthy by means that have never been explained. Al Gore these days, is rolling in it.

“I am a socialist, because it stands for equality” said Tony Blair in his maiden speech to parliament. Blair became rich beyond his wildest dreams during his political career and after, with his worth today estimated at around sixty million British pounds. All underpinned by tax minimization schemes dreamed up by high ticket accountancy firms of course.

These are the people who constantly carp about such things as the “growing gap between the rich and the poor”.

China is considered today to be the jewel in the crown of the socialist tribe. There are reports that the problem of senior communist party officials enriching themselves in the style of Clark, Gore, Obama and Blair (who are really just the tip of the iceberg) is widespread. The Chinese public are especially irritated by ostentatious displays of wealth by party officials flaunting their “ownership” of luxury vehicles.

A chocolate-colored Bentley worth $560,000 is cruising the streets of Beijing with license plates indicating it is registered to Zhongnanhai, the Communist Party headquarters. The armed police, who handle riots and crowd control, have the same model of Bentley in blue.

The Chinese army has a black Maserati that sells in China for $330,000. There are more than 100,000 Audi A6s in China, about 20% of them owned by the government. Each car costs $50,000 to $100,000, depending on engine size.

The Chinese government doesn’t release figures, but automobile industry analysts here say that spending for cars tops $15 billion annually, while some scholars believe the figure is many times that amount.

Even at more conservative estimates, the figure is greater than that allocated for low-income housing or for scientific research and development.

The high spending on cars, said Ren Jianmin, a professor at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, is the result of a system set up by the Communist Party in the 1940s to allocate perks to ranking members.

Socialism is a stinking corrupt system of government and it is amazing to me that it has existed for as long as it has, and that the “poor” people are (in so called democratic countries) still prepared to be looted and ruled by an oligarchy of over educated cronyists and shysters. Who are now mostly responsible for an impending economic collapse that will bring real poverty to billions worldwide.

The irony is that all through these coming hard times it will be the bankers and capitalists who the left will attempt to blame, while they blindly ignore the looting and self enrichment of their elitist leaders. The reality is that if you scratch the surface of almost any of the most “committed” socialists, you’ll find a self obsessed self promoter driven by inbuilt psychotic obsessions relating to their own ego.

A self confessed concern with “improving the lot of the poor” is, with most on the left, just a smokescreen for narcissism and self indulgence.

China Communist Party bureaucrats like their cars high end

How rich is Tony Blair?

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  1. Hulun Klark essentially used NZ in a way which has been witnessed by every previous generation exposed to such utopian socialist ideals. She went about transforming NZ into her gay cosmopolitan and multicultural ideal, pandering to every humanitarian minority group begging for equality in the big bad world.

    Her strategy was pretty simple, up the number of socialist leaning bludgers and you win the race. Democracy is a numbers game, either mobilise the masses or cheat.

    When will the world learn that muli-cultural societies don’t work? – As much as Hitler and Stalins legacy is a disgrace, it attempted to put people in the country from where they belong. Former Yugoslavia should resonate as example of why racial or religious mixing is not a good idea. Klark should be ashamed of the legacy she has left NZ, and typical of a tyrannical leader, she wasn’t ashamed to cash in when the going was good for her. NZ is heading for big problems


  2. Sounds just like the ‘pigs’ in Orwell’s Animal Farm 😀 The socialist elite – making everyone poorer and themselves richer.


  3. In Western countries, what keeps them in power is the fact that they distribute just enough of the loot to the welfare class to keep them quiet and pacified.
    “Social justice”, socialist style, is nothing more than legitimising the receipt of stolen goods for the chosen demographic.


  4. Happens right down to your local council. We have a whole nation of Back Scratchers and Pocket Pissers. Back to our council. All our councillors are very well paid. Only a person of impeccable principle can maintain an independant position. In short order most of these small minded people think that they are hellishly important and knowing more than most, they know best and will never bite the hand that feeds. Regular and generous weekly top-ups of dosh ensures team playing and that the boat will not be rocked. The unspoken mantra is “screw the suckers”. Of course, for all the right reasons, and the rewards for all the “hard’ work is deserved.
    Man I loath socialists, whatever their colour or persuasion.


  5. All our councillors are very well paid

    Geezus get a GRIP. $100,000 NZD p/a as a councillor is not well paid

    $500,000 for PM? I mean please.

    In the real world, that’s not enough for a bonus – let alone a real salary.


  6. From wikipedia: (Apart from assisting with a coffee harvest in Nicaragua)

    Clark was a junior lecturer in political studies at the University of Auckland from 1973 to 1975. In 1974 she sought the nomination for the Auckland Central electorate, but lost to Richard Prebble.[8] She instead stood for the Piako, a National safe seat.[9] Clark studied abroad on a University Grants Committee post-graduate scholarship in 1976, and then lectured in political studies at Auckland again while undertaking her PhD (which she never completed) from 1977 until her election to Parliament in 1981 (her father supported the National Party that election).
    Clark’s husband, Peter Davis

    She married sociologist Peter Davis, her partner of five years at that time, shortly before that election (under pressure from some members of the New Zealand Labour Party to marry despite her own feelings about marriage – her biography reports that she cried throughout the ceremony, although she attributes that to a headache).

    . . Says it all really. Love the headache bit.


  7. Don’t know about your place Andrew, but years ago our lot used to do it for free. Busy successful citizens who never suffered fools. Built the place efficiently and economically for their communities. Today, the system only attracts riff-raff who kow-tow to CEO’s and their agenda’s, thieve bread (rates) from the mouths of children to waste on fluff and egos. People like you Andrew say……… “pay peanuts, get monkeys.” Our experience is that you only get bigger and fatter monkeys. Proves the point about rat-bag socialist’s and their lust for cash.


  8. Of course we don’t want socialists, leftists, unionists, labourists, greenists etc anywhere near elected office (or anywhere else frankly). But the solution to that is to ensure strong and effective legal safeguards for free democracy – not to stop paying hardworking people properly.

    Once you’ve eliminated bludgers and bludgerism, unions & unionism, labour & labourism, you’ll find there is absolutely no problem finding the funds to pay real freedom loving public “servants” what they are worth.


  9. Well said, REDBAITER!

    Also, a shameless advertisement for my free online novel “Checkmate” that is taking current events to the logical outcome…

    Latest chapter in my free online novel of conspiracy, assassination and revolution:

    Things are going to get very hot in old Bean Town soon!

    In fact, the historians may call it “The Second Boston Massacre”

    Cheers, Ronbo


    *All characters and events are fictional – Protected speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    Anyhow, that’s my legal defense if the USSS and Homeland Security want to get nasty on me.;) winking

    Why I think even the commie ACLU would have to represent me in federal court if that happens…:) happy

    But I will cry all the way to the bank if you guys give me the free advertisement for “Checkmate.”:) happy


  10. You trimmer……

    My boy Newt, generous to a fault, offers to debate the Alinsky inspired community organiser and let Oby have his teleprompter…….
    I’m sensing road kill on this one.

    And apparently if Newt gets a guernsey POTUS won’t be bowing to Saudi “Kings” anymore…….( ie. entrepreneurial goat herders who fell on good times).

    The base in the end may well not care much about 3 marriages…….errrr…… when compared to the Morman delusions of recent history.


  11. What a rubbishy post. Clark is the best PM NZ ever had You are all jealous of one terrific, talented lady. She is wealthy yes, but she works hard for it . Do you?


  12. Tanz, first I think you took a wrong turn somewhere to end up here. This isn’t a place that’s safe for leftards.

    Secondly, nobody begrudges the Klarkenfuhrer her wealth. What pisses people here off us that she has never contributed a single cent, or a single hour, to the productive economy.mall of her riches have been made off the work of others.

    Thirdly, Key is not bagged in this post (you should read others) because he made his riches in the private sector, and that he is so piss-weak a politician the only threat he poses is that he is so fucking ashly manipulated … but that wasn’t the point of the post.

    Now, if you want to defend Helen Clark you should run along to Red Alert or Kiwiblog.


  13. Kiiwblog? Yeah, right. That is not a leftie blog…! I agree with your sentiments on the populist, and yes, weak, Key.


  14. Kiwiblog isn’t a leftie blog? Bwahahaha thanks for the laugh! Thats like saying Key isn’t a statist, corporatist leftie scumbag!


  15. From Tanya’s Gravatar profile:

    “I am a core-values, Christian, (but not right-wing fundamentalist, thanks), who wants a decent NZ restored!”

    So how again does that align with your comment above:

    “Clark is the best PM NZ ever had”

    I really fail to see how anyone who claims to be a Christian could have supported the Klarkenfuhrer. My personal belief, as a biblical Christian, is that the lesbian and militant atheist Klark was one of the most EVIL PMs NZ has ever had.


  16. It is absolutely bloody terrifying to realise the people on this page and the person who writes this moronic blog live in New Zealand. I would personally take great pleasure in confiscating your passports and sending you to a small town in Queensland where you will feel at home……you idiotic right wing scum.


  17. Thanks for your contribution, fucktard. I’m sure you’re happy I’m the knowledge you (both you personally and all of your odious ilk) are the cause of every single problem in society today.

    Now, if you don’t like what is said on this site, I’d suggest you follow the advice I gave Tanz earlier. Fuck off. Either to the Standard, of Kiwiblog, or to buggery for all I care. In fact, why not show all your leftards cousins the way. Since leftism is so wonderful. Why don’t you fuck off to Cuba, or Venezuela, of China? No, didn’t think so. Fucking hypocrite.


  18. The truly scary thing is that people like Norman both breed and vote. And like Gantt said, him and his ilk are primarily the ones responsible for the mess the [once] Judeo-Christian West finds itself in. Not that they will ever admit that of course. Stalin called them his “useful idiots”.


  19. The fuckwit doesn’t realize that many NZers are already packing up and heading to small Queensland towns voluntarily, just so they can escape the political clutches of chilling soviet style collectivist scum like him.


  20. Alas Norm, there are some things purveyors of the NZ welfare state, (you know, using other people’s money to support the right of unmotivated mendicants to believe the world owes them a living), will eventually realise their tax / theft base is migrating to where it can more effectively deploy its capital.

    It’s an age old morality play…….

    Recall those days of yore when the NZ socialist state had East German like capital export controls and the productive innovators couldn’t easily escape. Not any more sweetie, your ilk is stuffed…….we will return after the NZ national bankruptcy forces adoption of the AU$, so the Comrades can’t mess with anything important ever again.

    Someone just walked over your political grave, sweetie.


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