Apologies, and thanks for your concern 

Just too busy and too stretched to blog right now. Thanks to all who have emailed asking why, and I assure you my health is fine. I just have far too much work to do in far too short a time and I just have to drop blogging for the time being.

Not that I don’t wish I could write, and there is plenty to write about with Gingrich getting attacked by the Republican establishment, and Obama refusing to turn up in court when ordered by a judge, (can you imagine the media outcry if George Bush had done this???- and people still try and tell me the mainstream media are not a left wing plot) and John Key and Chris Finlayson selling out NZ to separatists, and left media still lying about Conservative politicians, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is investigating Obama’s Presidential legitimacy getting death threats.

Be back when I have some free time and some head space.

Thanks to Crusader Rabbit for continuing to fly the flag.

Mark Levin on his new book “Ameritopia”