Apologies, and thanks for your concern

Just too busy and too stretched to blog right now. Thanks to all who have emailed asking why, and I assure you my health is fine. I just have far too much work to do in far too short a time and I just have to drop blogging for the time being.

Not that I don’t wish I could write, and there is plenty to write about with Gingrich getting attacked by the Republican establishment, and Obama refusing to turn up in court when ordered by a judge, (can you imagine the media outcry if George Bush had done this???- and people still try and tell me the mainstream media are not a left wing plot) and John Key and Chris Finlayson selling out NZ to separatists, and left media still lying about Conservative politicians, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is investigating Obama’s Presidential legitimacy getting death threats.

Be back when I have some free time and some head space.

Thanks to Crusader Rabbit for continuing to fly the flag.

Mark Levin on his new book “Ameritopia”

18 thoughts on “Apologies, and thanks for your concern

  1. NZ is lost.

    For the sake of leftist political power, two generations at least have been brainwashed and not educated, and what country can ever recover from that loss and damage?

    That the National Party, led by this crawling little left wing separatist sycophant and narcissist is so weak and so far from what it should be, yet simultaneously so popular, confirms this hypothesis.


  2. Any chance of just one more post so that horrible picture below finally rolls off the screen…?

    PS I still check every day for a new post anyway!


  3. Man, I’m bogged down trying to meet impossible objectives that are three to six months away if everything goes half right.

    Maybe I’ll get some time this weekend.


  4. Don’t miss this one.
    Get beers, the gnashing of leftard teeth is just the start.

    Gina Rinehart is planning to double her stake in Fairfax, a board seat at minimum, and pre takeover foreplay (if there is a god).


    Note, Gina doesn’t like Comrade luvvies. The rage/grief at the Age, SMH and AFR, with luck, will be soon inconsolable.

    Fairfax owns some papers in NZ I hear.


  5. Agreed, B2. Reinhart is widely hated by the Left for a number of reasons, but mostly for putting Andrew Bolt on TV in his own show.


  6. Errr….urban myth that GG.
    Bolta was employed by his matey Lachlan Murdoch at Ten, before Gina arrived.

    Note Gina can double her stake for effective control of the board.
    That money is small change for Australia’s richest individual.

    The panic at the Age is pure gold.


  7. Yeah I know, but it drives leftards wild!

    Heh, wouldn’t it be funny if she does get control of the age and the smh. The left will only be able to rely on tv for their propaganda…the dead tree press will join the blogs in countering their crap!


  8. The Age is a ghastly paper. When I worked in Morwell for a few months last year I read it a handful of times. I didn’t think that the Herald Sun was too bad though . . way better than any of the politically correct snooze-sheets available in NZ.


  9. If that map’s right, whoever wins the Republican nomination is heading for a Reagan-style smashing. So much can happen between now and November. Look to the Courts in Georgia – The Emperor Hussein may not even be the Dem contender!


  10. I stumbled upon your blog while investigating something my brother said to me on my last visit back to NZ a few years back. I really wanted to add my two cents into the opening of the World Cup but the forum was closed due to the healthy (if not heated) debate that followed the post. There is a definite change since I lived there 12 years ago.

    For me growing up in New Zealand was repressive and confusing as hell. I come from a mixed race family (like a lot of Kiwi’s) and was told that I am part Maori. The issue I had is that I never identified myself as Maori, didn’t understand the culture as much as I didnt understand my where my Scottish ancestry originated. To me New Zealand life was about sports, socializing and mates. Yes I was very young when I left New Zealand.

    To me the Maori culture is diluted, a smoke screen of reality. If a nation is to embrace a culture, let it be the TRUTH otherwise the foundation on which we build is nothing but lies and we all know where that leads to. We need to educate our people about the barbaric side of the Maori past. The cannibalism, the genocide, how they forced defeated peoples into slavery and their disregard for the land. In reality the Haka is an act of compassion compared to the actions of the past. Is this truth what we really want to identify with as a nation? And why? Was it because the Maori were the first to New Zealand, therefore we must embrace them and put their culture before all others? What about the cultures the Maori ate, shouldn’t they have some mention or remembrance (how about an investigation?)?

    People often ask me if I would ever (forever is a long time) move back to NZ. I always ponder (the Kiwi spirit always puts a smile on my face) before answering no. The reason I will never move back is simple, I dont like the energy there, its negative and I cant relate to the collective thought of the people, government.

    Another thing people that have visited New Zealand always say “I LOVE the people there, they are so nice”. I hear this EXACT statement at least 50 times a year. There is so much truth in these words, we are a nice people, decent people that have pulled up a island nation by its boot straps through “rolling up ya sleeves” and “getting the job done” through all manner of creativity. This is the culture I can relate to, something I am proud of and why I still call myself a Kiwi. Sadly there is nothing Maori I am particularly proud of, I embrace the concept of Karma more than Mana and Karma will follow the truth.


  11. Hurry up and return. It is dull out here!

    Todd’s observation that there is “negative energy in NZ” appeals to me.


  12. I know that feeling when real life gets in the way of blogging. I’ve barely managed to read the blogs in the last month let alone write a post. Hope to see you back in due course.


  13. Thanks Zen.

    I want to make sure that when I begin again, I can do so fully, and not in a sporadic fashion.

    One day I will tell you of the mind sapping struggle I am involved in right now.


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