Victoria Australia- What the hell??

I’ve spent some time in Victoria and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Of all the damage the left have done in Australia, its the state that has suffered the worst. Its in a similar condition to many states the left have seized control of. Like Kalifornia, New York, and the UK, its in an economic and social death spiral.

Voters there are so submerged in left wing culture, its only total collapse that might awaken them from their coma. I wasn’t surprised by Labours election loss, and it doesn’t really matter as, like in NZ, the two main parties are virtually interchangeable.

What did surprise me is this recent announcement from the new Premiere, Ted Bailleau supporting Christian based cultural celebrations. “Christmas” in non PC speak. The Melbourne Herald Sun reports- “Don’t let political correctness ruin Christmas, Ted Baillieu has warned schools and other community groups. The Premier said Victorians should embrace the festive season. He said schools should not back down from running Christmas pageants, concerts and nativity scenes for fear of offending minority groups.

“A Baillieu government expects school principals to take a reasonable and commonsense approach so all Victorian children have the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of Christmas,” he said.

Makes me wonder if Victorians know anything at all about the guy they elected. Supporting Christmas?? Isn’t this political and social heresy nowadays? Can’t see Ted lasting more than a term. Far too culturally insensitive.

Full story here.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Australia- What the hell??

  1. A breath of fresh air more like it Red. While many consider Bailieu to be a ‘progressive liberal’ he has certain obligations to meet with the ACL (Australian Christian League) who were behind his run for premier. Uncle Ted promised that if elected he would repeal the fascist Victorian Religious and Racial Discrimination Act which is a most contentious piece of legislation that the MSM avoided in any way to criticize.

    No one is saying it, but my guess is that this legislation caused more and more people to realize just how far left Victoria was heading, and they don’t like it!


  2. ” breath of fresh air more like it Red.”

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic. 🙂 Still amazing to me that something like this would get legs in Vic. Good on the ACL for applying some pressure, and great to see some fight back against the damn PC culture that has prevailed for so long.


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