Unelectable Palin Thrashes Romney in Book Sales and Polls

Mitt Romney is seen by the mainstream media and much of the Republican establishment as the front runner for the Presidential nomination. Meanwhile, the unelectable Palin leads Romney by a big margin in polling in Montana, a state with a large number of Mormon voters. (Romney is a Mormon).

Sarah Palin’s first book stayed at the top of the New York Times best seller list for some time and did so without the help of bulk purchases. Such purchases could be made for many reasons, but are frequently perceived as being made by the book’s publishers who are embarrassed by poor sales. Romney’s book also stayed on the best seller list for some weeks, but was boosted by a large number of bulk sales.

Sarah Palin’s second book debuted at number 2 on the NYT list and will probably be number 1 soon. So far there have been no bulk sales recorded.

Polling (Daily Kos) in Montana

Palin 23%
Huckabee 22%
Gingrich 16%
Romney 12%
Paul 9%
Pawlenty 3%
Thune 3%
Daniels 2%

Seems a bit early for the Chosen One Romney to be tanking against an unelectable opponent.

3 thoughts on “Unelectable Palin Thrashes Romney in Book Sales and Polls

  1. Has Ron Paul announced his candicacy yet.

    I think his ratings will go up closer to the election.

    He gets a lions share of the cameras


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