What part of “running out of other people’s money” do they not understand?

I frequently refer to the left as “amoral”. I’m sure they don’t get it. They probably think its “abuse”, as they think most rational criticisms of their political ideology are. I might say something like “amoral leftists stealing money from the productive” and this has all the same depth of meaning to them as saying “what a big ugly nose you have”.

I am convinced they really do lack the ability to discern the difference between criticism and abuse. It’s because any other viewpoint on socialism outside their own is far beyond their comprehension. Anyone who does not see it as a positive must be a nasty abuser and that’s the end of it.

This failure to understand criticism is duplicated in their failure to understand where wealth comes from. The entitlement mentality is so deeply ingrained in such a large sector of society, and their concepts of how it all works are so stunted, they are left stuttering and bewildered at the realisation that maybe there is no more money.

They honestly thought that as long as they kept voting for certain politicians, they’d be set for life. It just never entered their brains that what they were doing was amoral and bound to come to a bad end. How could that be so? Socialism is a force for good.

A brilliant writer called Arnold Ahlert has written an article on this very issue on Human Events. In one paragraph, he nutshells it so well- “It is where moral relativism, the cornerstone of progressive thinking, inevitably leads. Decades of teaching people that the state is their bottomless benefactor hasn’t just ruined economies around the globe. It has ruined the people themselves. Economies eventually recover. Can people recover their dignity and character?”

All over the globe, protesters infected with the moral decay of Progressivism are in the streets demanding that other people keep giving them money. In England France Greece and Portugal, the hard left are organising marches and taking thousands of gullible amoral dupes with them in attacking capitalism. The very capitalism that they have looted and abused for decades and that has finally collapsed exhausted, as any host that has every last drop of blood sucked from its body always does in the end.

Arnold Ahlert says in his final paragraph- “A substantial portion of their population has been infantilized into believing the government gravy train never runs out of gravy, and taking to the to the streets demanding the impossible is becoming routine. Such demonstrations are a deadly combination of hubris and ignorance, egged on by those promoting “social justice,” which is nothing more than a pleasant slogan attempting to rationalize many things, all of which can be reduced to one idea: Inter-generational theft is morally acceptable.”

Its not only morally unacceptable, its practically unsustainable. Will those infected by the left’s poison ever understand why?

Mr Ahlert’s full article is here. It’s well worth a read.