General Debate Monday 06/12/10

“I accept that mines shouldn’t blow up, and I accept that mines should have every system in place to make sure that they can detect the safety conditions underground. On that day, was it preventable? Probably, and we may know what factors led to that eventually and therefore be able to prevent that same occurrence again.” Pike River Mine boss Peter Whittall

13 thoughts on “General Debate Monday 06/12/10

  1. Refuse to make any moral judgements on this issue

    I just pray to God we don’t end up with a judge telling corporates they’ve told a litany of lies.


  2. “The hypocrisy of the NYT.”

    Thought the same thing some time ago. Refused to publish the Climate Gate emails but if its a matter of National Security and will damage America’s standing in the world, they’re all for it. If the Communist Chinese ever decided to set up and run a propaganda force in the US, all they’d need to start with is a buyout of the New York Times.


  3. From your link Webby-

    “Counting her time on the national stage as a vice presidential candidate with John McCain, America has had over two years to watch Palin speak from the heart, while listening to Obama speak from a teleprompter. “


  4. I am glad to see this blog getting quite a number of visitors.
    May I suggest Redbaiter you add a HOME link, to return quickly to the main page? Thank you.


  5. Yeah, there’s no way I have discovered yet to do an edit. If you need, just write under the post and I’ll replace or fix the original.

    I’ll try and set up that home button for you Erikter. If you click on TrueblueNZ at the top or at the bottom (in black) it will take you there.


  6. “I am glad to see this blog getting quite a number of visitors.”

    Yeah, I’m surprised as hell at the support (number of visits) actually. Many thanks to Crusader Rabbit for their help.


  7. “I’m surprised as hell at the support (number of visits)”

    Off to a cracking start, Red. There are obviously a number of like-minded individuals on the ‘net, even if we’re not always so clearly identifiable in the real world.


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