Where to Cut Govt Expenditure? – Close Down the Useless HRC

Further to the previous post and the government needing to get real about its finances, here’s one opportunity to save some dollars. To cut back on expenditure as any good financial manager would do as a result of seriously reduced income. Hard working NZers are presently paying for Rosslyn Noonan and Joris de Bres to sit pretty at the Human Rights Commission where they do nothing but utter idiotic statements that are in direct conflict to the stated aims of their department.

We do not need Joris De Bres, we do not need Rosslyn Noonan and we do not need the Human Rights Commission. They should be the first of many such bureaucracies to be sent packing by Key and English on the grounds of prudent fiscal management. These smug delusional pigs at the trough sit there propagating poisonous and socially divisive propaganda while working NZers struggle to make ends meet. Who needs it??

The most recent idiocy to come from these two self serving bludgers is the proclamation that “Maori owned all of New Zealand in some form before colonial contact.” Which Maori is that? Hone Heki” Te Rauparaha? Here’s the news Joris- they’re dead. Have been for decades. Oh hang on, maybe Rosslyn and Joris mean “Maori” as some kind of ethnic group. Well what the hell defines that ethnic group? In reality nothing, but in PC la la land, you just need to “identify as Maori”. Whatever that really means.

So Joris and Rosslyn sit there using glib undefined terms like Maori and apply them to a specific legal description such as land ownership. Just utter nonsense. The only people who “own land” are those whose names are on the title deed.

To propagate the crazy idea that some mythical and shadowy race based group once owned NZ and still therefore legally own it is just a racially divisive fairy tale. NZ does not need such socially destructive pronouncements from government paid officials. Mr Key- Fire these fools, shut their department down and stop spending money you do not have on government agencies we don’t need.

6 thoughts on “Where to Cut Govt Expenditure? – Close Down the Useless HRC

  1. Hell will freeze over before the pussycat we have as Prime Minister decides to take action. The left-wing mafia will protect each other.


  2. This is not difficult. Close down any department or QUANGO whose role is to advocate for minorities, or to lobby the government. The government should not be lobbying itself.


  3. Divorce from the useless and bloated with has been politicians UN is the very first step in dismantling the lunacy that has been plaguing Western nations since the early 1970’s. Once that is done all those government agencies that swill from the public trough and victimize the white majority can be dismantled and then discredited.


  4. We need to throw these Marxists in the gutter where they belong. They’re more likely to violate your human rights than protect them.

    Joris de Bres has always been apologetic toward Maori and supportive of Maori extremists.


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