For Leftists- This is a True Example of Attacking Freedom of Expression

Leftists who have constructed one of the most politically correct cultures in this country’s history are funnily enough prone to frequent whining about “freedom of speech”. I want to try and put them straight on their many misconceptions on the issue. For a start, the correct phrase is “freedom of political expression”. This is actually a much more accurate way of describing the concept under discussion. The second problem leftists have relates to their crippled perceptions of private property. In their view there is no such thing. In the leftist mind he owns your house, he owns your business, he owns this blog even, and he can therefore enter all of those places and say what he wants.

If you stop him from so doing, you’re (in his mind) restricting his “freedom of political expression”. That they frequently set up blogs themselves, and profess these blogs to be examples of their tolerance for freedom of political expression, yet heavily censor what is therein written, is a contradiction that always seems to escape them.

Private citizens are free to impose any restrictions on speech they like on their own property. They cannot control it in public property. In fact the only force that can become a threat to freedom of political expression is the government, and they become such a threat when they by legislation, criminalize certain thoughts and speech. Examples are evident everywhere Progressive governments/ cultures are ascendant. Holland is prosecuting people for expressing criminalized views on Muslims. Canada has done the same and also prosecuted citizens for uttering unapproved views on homosexuality. The UK is awash in similar examples of this kind of fascist legislation.

For a very good example, we can look at an attempt being made right now in the US to restrict freedom of expression. The Democrats and their fellow travelers on the left are attempting to use the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to shut down FOX news and radio talkback hosts like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Here is what Al Sharpton said on MSNBC yesterday-

“You can’t say, in the name of free speech, you can say anything you want, when you are not allowed to do anything else you want on radio stations and television stations. So we can’t have standards everywhere when it comes to race. We’re not talking about stopping free speech.

We’re talking about if FCC is very cautious and deliberate in who they give licenses to, who they let stations even get waivers to expand their empires. They can clearly say that part of it has to be that you’re not taking part of the public and playing off against one another, and we give you a license to do it.

So we’re not telling Rush don’t say what he wants to say. Say it at home. Don’t get on publicly-regulated radio and television that are selectively given licenses and do that to offend people because of their race or their gender.”

Calling on the government to legislate and criminalize its citizens for saying things other parties might not approve of is where restricting freedom of expression begins and ends. This is a lesson that, as simple as it is to you and me readers, seems far too complicated for your average leftist fascist.

You can read about Sharpton’s disgusting fascist mission here.

One thought on “For Leftists- This is a True Example of Attacking Freedom of Expression

  1. Another man was jailed for threatening to kill Obama. Police found plenty of weaponry in his home as well

    What I can’t figure is why he didn’t threaten to kill Bush who bought the US economy to its knees, called for a war America could not afford and basically had 8 years of not one bright moment he can hold his head high about. I mean 8 years of hopelessness. That’s really incredible. But Obama gets the threats.


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