Hollywood- Controlled By Progressives & Bankrupt of Imagination

The latest example of crud thinking from this infestation of Gramscian traitors to the free world comes in the form of a suggestion from George Lucas (maker of Star Wars) that dead actors should be digitally cloned to star in today’s movies.

Interesting to think about where the performance fee and the royalty payments might go.

My advice to George and all of his wet liberal Hollywood friends is to forget about such bizarre suggestions and just produce some movies that contain a damn story line that is believable and entertaining. I’ve watched four recent release movies in the last couple of weeks and every one of them was poorly scripted, far fetched, contrived and classless bullshit. Sticking a digital image of Steve McQueen in there as lead actor and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference they’re so hopeless

Full story here.

Categories: American Politics, Culture, Global Politics

2 replies

  1. Support local actors and patronise live theatre.


  2. Here’s an announcement from Obama about tax cuts



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