Leaving Kalifornia- The Simple Truth & Logic The Left Will Not Acknowledge

This guy has had enough. If there are any socialist scumsuckers dropping in, read this and weep. This is what happens when you vote for politicians like Barbara Boxer and Gerry Brown and Phill Goff and Len Brown. The end result is what is commonly called- “running out of other people’s money”.

“My beautiful California home is now on the market for $2,000,000. My next home will be in a no state income tax state like Texas or Nevada. I will not buy that new Jaguar that I was planning to purchase for $75,000. I will keep my old Cadillac and deprive Sacramento of $6,562 from its 8.75% sales tax. My next purchase for my real estate business will be an office building in Prague in the Czech Republic, a democracy that has lower taxes and fewer regulations. My income will remain either offshore or in a state that does not confiscate like the money grubbers in Sacramento. And, I will not be investing my capital to create any new jobs in California. In the digital age, my staff will be located in states that are a little more business friendly.

Apparently, I am not alone. Migration out of California exceeds the rate of almost every other state. Why are my fellow “high-earners” leaving the Golden State? Maybe it is because California ranks nationally in the bottom two for business friendliness while placing third in state income taxes. ”

I Opt Out Of Kalifornia.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Kalifornia- The Simple Truth & Logic The Left Will Not Acknowledge

  1. My next home will be in a no state income tax state like Texas or Nevada.

    That seems a bit short-sighted. IIRC, some of the states with low income tax make up for it with high sales taxes and property taxes. If your goal is to pay as little tax as possible, it would be better to try to work out which in state you would pay the lowest total taxes, not just income taxes (better yet, hire an accountant to do it for you). This Wikipedia article gives the state tax revenue per capita for each state, which is probably a reasonably good proxy for “lowest overall state tax”. Five of the ten best in that regard do have some kind of state personal income tax on wages (Missouri, Colorado, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona), while Wyoming, which has no personal or corporate income taxes of any kind, is way down the bottom, collecting over US$3,500 for each resident of the state. Alaska, which has no personal income tax, brings in a whopping US$5,000 of tax revenue per resident.


  2. Actually, I was thinking of buying my first home in Gisbourne to avoid paying extra rates to an environmental council. Break my heart to leave Hamilton. This place is so rich with an ambience of good and decent people. Close to main centres and a temperate climate. If we paid a bit more in rates to the city council with its new, young professional mayor who doesn’t espouse leftist rhetoric, I would be happy as.

    But EW is a criminal institution run by a half wit who spent an entire page in the Waikato Times describing himself as a clueless leader. The jokes on the Waikato.


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