Ron Paul- Not Prepared To Take A Stand Against Global Tyranny

Libertarians are a comparatively recent addition to the political battlefield. They seek to discover a completely perfect logical pathway to solving every problem and therefore very seldom solve any. After years of political failure, they now refer to themselves as an “ideas” only party. I guess when you’ve no opportunity to ever turn those ideas into action, that’s more or less what you have to be. Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman and a Libertarian. Leader in fact of the US Libertarians. He had a chance a day ago to actually do something for liberty. He didn’t, because to Ron, the logic wasn’t sound enough.

The house voted on a motion to honour this years Nobel Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo. The vote was 402-1. Paul was the one representative who refused to support the motion.

Liu is locked in the Chicom Generals dungeons doing 11 years for agitating for democracy. The totalitarian tyrants who put him there are incensed at his award of the Nobel Prize. These murdering scum have already made his wife disappear. They tried hard to sabotage the Nobel prize award by bullying other countries to boycott the ceremony. They failed. They have even set up their own alternative prize. In supporting the award to Liu, here was a chance for every liberty loving person who was able to stick one up the stinking gang of tyrants who subjugate the Chinese people at the point of a gun.

Paul though couldn’t do it. Why not? “The House resolution is a meaningless waste of taxpayer time and money, and the US shouldn’t be so arrogant as to meddle in other nations’ internal affairs,” he says. As usual, Paul’s critics are able to point to occasions in the past where Paul has done exactly what he say he does not want to do in respect of Liu. On more than one occasion.

So once again we have the Libertarians demonstrating 1) that they are indeed the party of ideas and 2) that they’re never going to action those ideas. And the ideas they have?? Dopey ideas. Confusing ideas. Self contradicting and hypocritical ideas. I think its a disgrace that Paul never took this opportunity to send a message to the scum who control China by force. They are presently the worlds biggest threat to liberty by a light year and Ron Paul is too damn ideologically confused to even to tell the slimy little Chicom bastards that they shouldn’t be locking people up, or killing them, for disagreeing with Communism. An utterly hopeless and useless fraud.

One thought on “Ron Paul- Not Prepared To Take A Stand Against Global Tyranny

  1. For all his common sense and clearly communicated thought that seems to nail the issues, this is why I don’t trust Paul. There’s a big school of thought that he is racially motivated and supports segregation. He believes blacks want their own self determination and can support themselves in their own distinct locality in the states. It’s probably the reality. America was completely built and framed on racism. Fascism really. But basically Paul sits on the fence concerning his candicacy and his supporters deserve more than a foggy committment from him. I have seen him deny he is going to run in 2012. But he has the constant attention of the media and I suspect he is trying to throw the light on his son Rand. Who incidentally is doing very well in his own state and will probably wait patiently till 2016 to announce his own candicacy. No point bursting the bubble prematurely. By that time America may want any alternative they can get their hands on to rid itself of the Demo’s and Repubs. Unfortunately I don’t believe America has the luxury of that time. Some where within the next 12-18 months the dollar is going to crumble and set off an international chain reaction which the down fall of Europe is experiencing now. The Euro I belive wa designed to do just that. Economic independence lost in Ireland shows it was the Euro that did them in. With the Euro you can’t make your own rule sand export yourself out of crisis. The Euro weighs you down and sinks you.

    A current viewing of The Real News Network will inform all of the plan the banks implemented to receive billions from the Fed and benefit from financial ruin. The German banks are the worst culprits. The Fed handed these international criminals the most. Bernanke is far worse than Assange could ever be.


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