Stop The “Dob In” Mania

The culture of political correctness that infests western societies is to blame for so many of its deficiencies it would be almost impossible to list them all. Here’s an example that sticks out like the proverbial dogs balls, and it comes from the NZ police, probably one of the most ineffectual government depts of them all. Its not that way because of the Police at the coal face, its that way because of management. How anyone with a rational frame of mind could work for such an ideologically corrupt and poorly managed institution is beyond me. And its one of the Government departments that we want working most of all. What’s Judith Collins doing to fix it? Not much, but then after ten years of the mismanagement of Klark, what could Collins do in two years?

One thing she could do is stop misguided people like Detective Senior Sergeant Gerry Whitley from encouraging NZers to “dob in” other NZers. Speaking after the conviction of the murderer of “good samaritan” Austin Hemmings, Whitley called for people to tell police if they think any of their friends or relatives has the potential for violence.

“There are a lot of people that could help, the police obviously. We want to prevent crime. We want to stop this sort of thing happening. We will do anything and everything to achieve that. ”

What is it with people like DSS Whitley that they are apparently so blithely ignorant of the potential for abuse of any “dob in” idea. How many people will be investigated by Police on the basis of completely false allegations by someone who does not like them or does not like their politics? Where does it stop? What’s to stop anyone making an allegation of whatever magnitude? Dobbing in was decried in pre-Progressive society because of its well know potential for abuse, most horrendously exampled by the cult of the Hitler Jugend, where school children were encouraged by the Nazi regime to dob in their parents for holding unclean political views.

And lets get real. Mr. Hemmings died because the justice system failed. Not because ordinary citizens didn’t do their duty as DSS Whitley perceives it. In fact, citizens have been calling for criminals to be locked up longer for years, most notably in the referendum held at the time of Klark’s election in 1999, and wittering and cowardly and treacherous politicians have constantly denied them this wish.

Mr. Hemmings murderer should have been in jail. He had already spent eight years in an Australian jail for stabbing and killing his estranged girlfriend. After stabbing his girlfriend multiple times in the neck and chest, he was charged with murder, but the charge was reduced to manslaughter and he was convicted in December 1993. He was also jailed in New Zealand on three separate occasions for knife incidents dating back to 1987. His record-

  • 1987: Pauesi Brown attacks a man in Avondale, stabbing him in the thigh and upper chest. He is sentenced to one year in prison.
  • 1989: Brown attacks two people in an Auckland boarding house, threatening them with knives. He is sentenced to one year and four months in prison.
  • 1992: Brown attacks and kills his estranged girlfriend with a knife in Australia. He is charged with murder and is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison.
  • 2004: Brown attacks a man with a knife in his car in West Auckland. Sentenced to two years and four months in prison.
  • 2008: Brown attacks and kills Austin Hemmings in central Auckland.

Somehow, even after all of that, the authorities still didn’t get the message this guy was a violent man. Would dobbing him in have helped? I doubt it. Austin Hemming’s death is a tragic event but it should not be used to urge for the re-introduction of a culturally poisonous convention that civilized humans have always rejected. There is no reason for NZers to be dobbing each other in. There is every reason for the Justice Department and the damn politicians who oversee it to DO THEIR DAMN JOB.

6 thoughts on “Stop The “Dob In” Mania

  1. This mesage is compleltely politically inspired.

    The pollies are fully aware their agendas are going to crate a backlash in the electorate and are preparing to react. They want our help to build up their police state. That includes secret police. National haas unashamedly betrayed every NZ citizen revivng the EFB. They have shown themselves to be intimate bedfellows with Liarbour. Sadly, I don’t think the electorate has switched on. That or the media is ignoring the electorates reaction. Pike creek is symbolic of what the system is doing in this country. Burying the victims and not giving the people closure. If that ever got out to the public consciousness, the govt better hurry up with their concentration camps, cause the onslaught is going to be huge.


  2. When I was less than 10, I remember my grandfather reading the newspapers and getting angry. He’d bellow — as you may rightly choose to do today — “If the judge feels it right to give this bastard a suspended sentence, then let the judge serve the time the next time.” That was in the 1950s.

    You are being told to snitch when what is needed is a more accountable justice system.

    In that you may find loads of supporters. Be the leader.


  3. “Justice” and “Corrections” have got to be the most perversly named govt bodies.
    Brown and his lack of proper sentencing embodies everything that’s wrong with the modern approach to crime and punishment.
    And loath as I am to say it the police don’t need the public to dob these people in. They already have such extensive records that every bobby in the district should know who these people are.


  4. That bastard needs a bullet , or i should say needed a bullet years ago.
    The people need to keep an eye on these politicians who are walking down the road of Orwellian ends.
    Remember ‘1984’ it just keeps getting creepier every bloody day


  5. The reality is that the Police are there to carry out the Government’s orders. Refuse to pay your taxes and eventualy it will be the Police who break down your door and arrest you at gunpoint. If the citizens rise up to overturn the Government the Police will be there defending the Government and attacking the citizens.


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