Cancun- $100 Billion “Green Climate Fund” Agreed Upon.

According to the newspaper the Vancouver Sun, Cancun Climate Change delegates have agreed to a $US100 billion “Green Climate Fund,” with the money to be raised by by 2020 from richer countries and to be redistributed to poorer countries so as to help them fight climate change.

“It’s really pretty historic,” said Christiana Figueres, head of the UN Climate Change Secretariat of the deal. “It’s the first time that countries have agreed to such a broad set of instruments and tools that are going to help developing countries in particular to meet the challenges of mitigation and adaptation.”

This is lies of course. The truth is that this is just the thin end of the wedge of Global Socialism. Always the intent of this anthropogenic climate change fraud, and the worst is everybody knows what a fraud it is but it seems as if it just cannot be stopped. Least of all by the Key government.

Did Groser and Smith (in Cancun) sign up to this fraud? What do you reckon. Here we are going broke faster than a lizard drinking and these two loons are living it up in Cancun and signing our earnings away to fraudulent socialist scams like this. Politicians- I detest the slimy slippery self serving bastards. Contemptible people whom we absolutely must free ourselves from. Full story here.

3 thoughts on “Cancun- $100 Billion “Green Climate Fund” Agreed Upon.

  1. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Seriously we have not progressed much in the last few centuries.

    The 1984 Band Aid by Geldof was to raise money to feed 20m starving Ethiopians. There are now 78m starving Ethiopians.

    Billions in aid has been given to post colonial Africa and there has been no reduction in poverty and fertility, no increase in food production or exports, and no reduction in death from disease.

    The last 50 years has revealed a continent of violent despotic leaders and endemic corruption, and bloody and inhumane wars between thugs wishing to be the next to pervert the Western aid.

    Cancun is about getting more money from the West to give to ‘developing’ nations. How do they think that it is going to be different this time? The corrupt UN will again be the ones running the show, its workers living in 4 and 5 star hotels, driving around in Landcruisers, occasionally posing with a starved African child, and partying it up every night with lavish meals and endless alcohol.

    I wonder what percentage of UN aid actually gets to the recipients after all the bribing and theft, and whether it provides more than just a meal for the day.

    Throwing more money at Africa will not solve, but rather worsen, the problems. And the same applies in South and Central America, the Middle East and Asia.


  2. The UN is the root of most of the evil that pervades our existence today. Klark was deeply enamoured of its poison, and that’s a large part of why NZ is so dysfunctional today. John Key of course doesn’t have a clue either way.


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