Dinosaur Media Watch- TV3 Firing Staff & Cutting Costs

Its not pleasant to see anyone lose their job. Unless they’re a mainstream media journalist. While FOX News in the US goes from strength to strength, TV3 in NZ is laying off staff. According to the Herald, TV3 has quietly laid off some of New Zealand’s most distinguished investigative journalists (yeah right) [..] and shut down the Wellington office of 60 Minutes. [..] Millar and former Herald reporter Alison Horwood declined to relocate to Auckland and have accepted redundancy. Other staff are discussing relocation or redundancy [..] Mark Jennings, the cash-strapped broadcaster’s news boss, wouldn’t rule out further job cuts. Now there’s a special place in my heart for TV3. The contempt place. I consider them a treacherous organisation who talked the talk of private enterprise but never walked the walk.

They are one broadcaster that, if they’d had a a CEO with some balls, (like Roger Ailes) could have made a difference to NZ’s totalitarian political climate. Instead they capitulated to socialism and made themselves into a mirror image of the especially odious state owned broadcaster TV One. With a front man on their premiere current affairs show who was an Alliance supporter. A leftist extremist in other words. An unabashed advocate for the poison of Progressivism. And they’ve shoved this commie crap down people’s throats for decades.

So they helped kill off private enterprise in NZ, and now they’re paying the price for championing a political system that was always going to bring this country to ruin. Anyone not blinded by ideology could have seen it coming years ago. And they, as they cling steadfastly to their dinosauric ideology, still cannot see what makes them so unpalatable and FOX so successful.

There’s one other thing- these people are always using the term “investigative journalism”. How come the obvious scam of Global Warming got right past them and in many cases still has them completely fooled? I’ll tell you. They are not and have never been “Investigative Journalists”. They are lame advocates for every Progressive political position out there, and if they had half a damn brain, and a bit of real investigative talent, they’d know that’s why there are no damn jobs for them any more. Bloggers are doing it for them.

4 thoughts on “Dinosaur Media Watch- TV3 Firing Staff & Cutting Costs

  1. Its still owned by Canwest isn’t it?
    Did anything other than leftist bullshit come out of Canada? Look at the trouble they’r in.
    TV3 – couldn’t happen to a nicer……..how does it go? 😉


  2. I think Canwest sold out their majority shareholding (70-80%?) to Ironbridge Capital, an Australian private equity firm a couple of years ago. Like most media outletsTV3 is managed and staffed by Progressives who do not have the political nous to think outside the leftist square. Some of them probably do believe they’re being objective.

    (I watch them so infrequently I didn’t even know they had updated their logo 🙂 )


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