18 thoughts on “General Debate Wednesday 15/12/10

  1. Withthe conditions of buraeucracy now the people certainly feel the state has made the people the enemy. I presented a notifed copy of my birth cert which holds the serial number which can be checked in 2 seconds flat and it was refused. A third year law student could wipe the faces of these beuraucrats all over a courtroom. You also need a birth cert to use as ID for your licence. The Birth cert clearly states it cannot be used as a form of ID. But really had to giggle to myself at a flight agent. The girl told me ANZ was the only carrier to Gisborne. Fortunately, I had already been to Hamilton airport and found Sunshine flights. Hamilton to Gisbourne. But what I would do for a train trip. Bliss. No traffic, no lights. Trains are the way.


  2. And with the drop in teh cost of real estate as well, nows the time to buy a house. I was told Real Estate is really going to bottom out next year.

    Rates up though.


  3. I suddenly noticed on a news report concerning blizzards in the great lake region in the US these are not regions I see people from online. There are only certain states that seem to contribute on the net, esp social sites. I believe this could be a strong factor indicating immense poverty in the US. Esp since the US does not have computer cafes. I have not been told by any American they are online from a computer cafe and I have been using the internet for a decade. I am putting together surmisings and coming up with answers the MSM is not explaining. America is in a terrible impoverished condition that has been sanitised, as with their wars, from the rest of the world.

    Anyone concur?

    FB has a responsibility to let the world know what is really happening or it would appear, as many suspect, as well as Google, that they aer a state sanctioned PR propaganda tool helping to blind the world to the truth.


  4. Esp since the US does not have computer cafes.

    If a Tea Party candidate wins the Presidency next year I might have to put in my application to move to New Hampshire and use this little business idea…


  5. “This can be nothing but govt policies creating viods in society and impoverishment that esp see’s males arrested through sheer frustration.”

    Really Wiki? Really? Come off it. SWMBO and I I both get frustrated sometimes (we live in the DPRV for fuck’s sake) but neither of us takes a fist to the other. (I confess I don’t know what “viods” are, and the definition may change the entire meaning of your sentence). Are you saying it’s society’s fault these animals belt each other up?

    Off-topic, but nice comment on Sir Roger’s Facebook the other day.


  6. Voids I should say. Didn’t think it was that cryptic.

    Any way, no not society. I’m talking about the govt marginalising opportunities in the work force. Govt policies are cutting off oxygen to the poor day by day. I mean 4,000 domestics in one day. That’s not random. would never have heard of that 20 yrs ago under any govt.


  7. From the link: “..in the year to Tuesday this week Waikato Police attended 3987 domestic incidents – 2258 in Hamilton, 1240 in the Western Waikato and 489 in Eastern..”
    in the year.. wikiriwhi.


  8. NZ is probably the most violent place I ever lived–and I’ve lived in some pretty shitty places.
    A society which refuses to face facts, refuses to force people to suffer the consequences of their actions, continues to subsidise dysfunctional domestic arrangements and rewards promiscuity and dishonesty.
    You can blame all that on government policies, but you’d only be half right. Remove maori and islander figures from the violent crime statistics, from the child abuse numbers and the domestic violence numbers and you will find that what remains aren’t particularly remarkable figures.
    NZ is doing the inevitable–sliding towards the lowest common denominator. And the lowest common denominator is brown.


  9. Silver is now the tool of security that US citizens are using to keep themselves safe from predatory banks, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

    Max kaiser directly opens an interview stating Goldman Sachs are scum.

    But, why aren’t our financial guru’s like Bernard Hickey and Gareth Morgan platforming on the same agenda. They are describing the symptoms but not giving the solid options kaiser is.



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