Steve Kilgallon- Is He the Epitome of the Extreme Left Media Commentator?

Much is said on this blog about the one dimensional political perspective of NZ’s mainstream media. There is of course an opposing point of view. In fact I’m sure many of the journalists I criticise would insist they were always as objective as possible. I’m sure they try. The problem though is their state of mind. You cannot possibly write from a right wing perspective if you are burdened with a left wing mental perspective. Journalists of course spring these days from the well of academia, a place completely perverted to the cause of “intellectual” Progressivism. Coming from a place of such singular political dimension, there is actually no possible way they can write or think from a right wing perspective.

As I said, they might try, but they cannot make the grade. Last weekend in the Sunday Star Times, (where else) a journalist gave a rare example of how deeply embedded the left wing political perspective is in their work. It was rare because of its honesty. A raw example of the contempt and distaste that mainstream media journalists have for any political view that clashes with their own.

Written by one Steve Kilgallon (whose speciality is usually sport) it contains so many stark examples of the bigotry and prejudices that underpin the worldview of mainstream media journalism it deserves to be preserved in a time capsule. As an indication of how perverted the trade of journalism became at the hands of the Progressives who dominated our culture in the second half of the 20th century. The article rails against those who would resist political correctness.

“Despite swimming in the intellectual shallows, those who resort to saying “PC gone mad” see themselves as straight-shooting, honest, not afraid to tell you what they feel and possessed of an uncanny ability to smash through the bluster and spin. Here’s what they really are: stuck in the past, pigheaded, objectionable, offensive bigots. What they are implying by uttering the words “PC gone mad” is that some awful, totalitarian left-wing movement has stealthily implemented a wide-ranging series of directives across the free world to limit free speech.”

I guess all of those stories of people in Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe being dragged into courtrooms on charges of offending homosexuals or Muslims must be completely false. I guess rugby and league players being sent on “sensitivity courses” for improper language on the playing field is just another fable.

“It’s the sort of rewrite of history favoured by the foaming-at-the-mouth section of the extreme right (that tiny minority who watch Fox News, think Rodney Hide’s a bit too moderate and don’t like brown people).”

More examples of innate left wing derangement. FOX News is the most popular news broadcaster anywhere it can be watched. Its leftist rivals who employ the likes of Mr. Kilgallon are actually the broadcasters that attract the small audiences. To say it is only watched by a minority is to be completely uninformed about reality. To think that Rodney Hide somehow epitomises the right wing of politics is equally absurd. Mr. Hide is a moderate and a social liberal who would only have minor differences with the tenets of Progressivism. His thrust is economic reform. The reference to “brown people” is another indication of Mr. Kilgallon’s shallow grasp of the issues. Many of the leaders of the groups he perceives as “right wing” have brown or black skins. He is the only one at this point focused on skin colour as an issue.

“These are the people who secretly long to call disabled people spastics, label black people very unprintable things and chain their wives to the kitchen stove. They are not very clever. It’s no coincidence one of their pin-up boys is George W Bush.”

Staggering in its bigotry. Especially in so far as George Bush is concerned. George Bush received some acclaim from the right for his support of the US war effort, and his loyalty to the troops in the field, but he’s generally held in disregard by the right wing for his big spending and socially liberal domestic policies.

There’s so much in the same vein it would be take too much time and space to confront it. I guess Mr. Kilgallon could be given a bit of latitude on the grounds of attempted comedy. A frail excuse though, given the premises of his attempts at humour are as incorrect as the more serious sections of the article.

Is Mr. Kilgallon’s ignorance and bigotry widespread throughout the mainstream media? Maybe not. He is though the recipient of numerous awards, and seems to be regarded as one of those hail fellow well met personalities. He’s no outcast that is for sure. In my humble opinion he is typical. A view I suspect a few others observing the mainstream media’s slowly accelerating slide into insolvency and oblivion might readily agree with.

Full article here.

19 thoughts on “Steve Kilgallon- Is He the Epitome of the Extreme Left Media Commentator?

  1. SST is a piece of trash, a rag that doesn’t deserve to be bought by anyone.
    This “journalist” is further proof of it.


  2. They still deny what they are, even with proof such as this. Some are dupes. Some are actively using their profession to act as political agents. Mostly it subtle. Rarely as brazen as this.


  3. I have to remind commentators here that a qualification in journalism is no difference to a qualification in toilet cleaning or rubbish collection. Yes, I heard that they teach B.A and B.Sc degrees in toilet cleaning & rubbish collection @ Wananga schools around the country.

    So, for those like Mr. Kilgallon who would failed to get into any meaningful courses at tertiary education because the standards of entry is too high, find themselves ended up in journalism school, because they do accept anyone from any level and qualifications to enroll, even the high school dropouts. That’s the main reason why they write unintelligent articles for our newsmedia. It’s almost like reading or listening to a 3rd former’s opinions, which is not that highly intelligent.

    Journalists == toilet cleaning or rubbish collection experts


  4. I’ve often wondered if there was scope for a conservative and libertarian newspaper to grow out of the online blogs…


  5. “..and don’t like brown people..”
    So that’s why so many of us on the right admire Thomas Sowell and Allen West so much! I always wondered….
    Not that this fuckwit scribbler would have heard about either of them.


  6. I’ve been planning on starting a blog for a while that is a collection of columns and resources made by those who understand freedom from around the Anglo-sphere, I was thinking calling it either Liberty Diaries or NoPinkos, reposting the columns of various columnists (with permission) such as;
    From Austrlia: Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair
    From the US: Walter E Williams, Vin Suprynowicz
    From Canada: David Warren, Karen Selick
    From the UK: James Delingpole
    Me here in NZ

    Add in some resources, like weekly videos from Stossel, Free to Choose, Penn and Teller BS, places to buy “right wing” T-shirts and merchandise… Start online and look to grow into a weekly paper or mag… More like a resource base for freedom minded people… Advertise after a while and profit share…


  7. “Sorry I seem to be having trouble having comments appear…”

    Apologies Jeremy. Usually your comments go through the spam filter OK. It must have been some of the words in that message that triggered it. (T-shirts etc)


  8. It’s a timely reminder of why I stopped subscribing to it about 7 years ago. Findlay McDonald & Steve Brounias are another couple of once comfortably smug but now increasingly spite-driven nutjobs, too.


  9. Below is a link to the Metropolitan Polices’ official website.

    Kilgallon claims it’s not true when it is. Recently a teacher convicted of a hate crime for calling some bullies “white trash”.
    When you see the stuff the Met are interested in you can see this nonsense has gone too far.


  10. Braunias column on the Saturday edition of the Dom Post is pathetic. I read it only once and have avoided it since. His attempts to be funny and witty fail miserably.

    I shall write to the editor asking for the poor Steve Braunias to be axed.


  11. It is quite quite clear that Mr Kilgallon has no idea whatsoever of Right Wing/Conservative thought or philosophy.

    All he can spew is the same old tired slogans.


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  13. Just been told about this intriguing blog … thanks for the fan-mail people. Most entertaining. Except the bloke talking about toilet cleaning degrees. I’d be interested to know what his own tertiary education was, because wherever he was educated it clearly didn’t involve spelling or grammar. My tertiary education wasn’t in journalism, but English Literature and Modern History, and gained at the University of Oxford, well-known breeding ground of pinko liberal softies like myself.


  14. “Intriguing”..?

    Wow, that’s one of the nicest things any leftist has ever said about TrueblueNZ.

    Thanks for your comment and appreciate the spirit it is offered in.


  15. Mr Kilgallon, thank you for popping up. Would you like to try and refute the substance of the original post, or is there too much truth in it?

    Incidentally, I would strongly advise against taking on Mr Fisi in a contest of academia muscles. I would suggest you do a simple google search to track down some of the subjects in which he has expertise before making further comment.


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