CNN, Progressive Broadcasting Jewel, Verges Upon Irrelevancy

Only fringe nutters watch FOX acording to ignorant mainstream media journalists. Funny aint it then, that last Tuesday, CNN averaged only 379,000 viewers per hour compared to Fox’s 1.3 million.

CNN’s woes worsened this year. [..] the network hit primetime ratings lows (or at least going back to 1997, which is all we could dig up data for) for total viewers and viewers 25-54. Not to pile on, but…

* MSNBC will beat CNN for the first time EVER in 2010 in Total Day with A25-54

* MSNBC will beat CNN in Primetime with P2+ in 2010 for the first time ever

* MSNBC will beat CNN in Primetime with A25-54 for the second year in a row

Full figures here- TV By THe Numbers

6 thoughts on “CNN, Progressive Broadcasting Jewel, Verges Upon Irrelevancy

  1. How old is MSNBC and is it simply enjoying a novelty bubble curently?

    Americans tune into BBC in despair of their own news servers.


  2. No surprises there really.

    Look at CNN’s new flagship political show, Parker Spitzer. It features the “conservative” Kathleen Parker (oh my god! really?) and Eliot Spitzer, aka client no:9, the NY Democratic governor who did such a great job of soiling the sheets at the Mayflower Hotel. Who the hell conjured up a dumb idea for a show featuring such lousy hosts?


  3. “Who the hell conjured up a dumb idea for a show featuring such lousy hosts?”

    I think the guy who “quit” not long ago. Could be wrong.

    Trust them to employ a traitor like Parker. Just what you would expect from a bunch of liars who try to pass themselves of as balanced between MSNBC and FOX. Thereby implying FOX is a right wing as MSNBC is left wing. They’re just such repugnant liars.


  4. I got my FOX fix last night…

    Seems the Dems are trying to pass one more $1,100,000,000,000 monstrosity of an appropriations Act before being s**tcanned in Jan…

    $8,000,000,000 in 6600 earmarks…

    The amazing arrogance of it all…


  5. Well there is only one thing to be done then. Fox must be brought to heel, lousy conservatives, how dare they. God where is the fairness, the people are been brainwashed, quick a czar and government decree. Thou must now broadcast the doctrine of the state, thou must be fair. Fuck progressives are slow, their arrogance knows no limits, you would think they would get the message by now.


  6. And CNN is artificially inflated because it tends to be served up by hotels worldwide, whereas Fox is rarely available.
    I am sure without the hotels , CNN would would be weakened further.


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