StopBeck- Company Gets Strong Warning On Yielding To Left Wing Fascists

Yesterday Stopbeck, a far left group in the US dedicated to shutting down Glenn Beck, were crowing about their success in getting a steak company to cease advertising their product on Beck’s show. As you may already know, the left have attack groups who focus on attempting to stifle speech they consider unapproved across the US. (How anyone could think such people should be permitted to form any kind of government is beyond me. If they’re going to go to these lengths on their own, imagine what they would do if they had the power of government to back them. ) Anyway, Stopbeck sent out an email as follows-

Omaha Steaks’ ads recently started running on Glenn Beck’s program on Fox News. As with other advertisers, participants in the StopBeck effort reached out to Omaha Steaks. We kindly requested that they follow the responsible action of hundreds of other former advertisers and refrain from advertising on Glenn Beck’s show. Well, your efforts paid off. This morning, Omaha Steaks announced that they were removing their ads from Glenn Beck’s program:

Omaha Steaks buys large units of national television advertising during the holiday season. This year, we bought a package of advertising through the Fox Network. We did not specifically request to be included on the Glenn Beck program. As part of our contract, the Omaha Steaks ads run in a variety of time slots throughout the day.

We took your comments regarding the Glenn Beck Program to heart. After further review and careful consideration, we have decided to pull all advertising from Glenn Beck programming effective December 20th, 2010. Unfortunately, due to advertising cancellation policies, we were bound to continue possible ad placements through Sunday, December 19th.

At Omaha, we greatly value the loyalty and support of our customers, fans and followers and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Great work all! See, your tweets and messages really do matter. Here we see another advertiser stepping up and taking the responsible action. Don’t dismiss these actions, they are important steps as we continue to gear up for our broader DropFox accountability effort. Onward we go…

The email was published widely in the blogosphere. People were deeply angered that Omaha Steaks should allow itself to be influenced by such a disreputable organisation. The company’s face book page was deluged with comments stating that Christmas orders would be canceled, long standing business would cease, and planned future purchases would not occur. It was a great exercise in internet democracy, and a great warning to dirty little leftist fascists that they no longer have the market on information and opinion cornered.

Later the company had to issue a public statement backing down on the sentiments it expressed in its email to Stopbeck.

We appreciate your concern regarding our advertising during the Glenn Beck show. Below is a statement from our President, Mr. Bruce Simon.

The staff writers of our blog responded incorrectly and I want to apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The facts are: we did not “pull” our ads from any show. Our holiday TV advertising contract ends on December 19th. Our contract never specified when our ads would air, only that they would air. Mr. Beck’s show is enjoyed by many, and we at Omaha Steaks hope our steaks are too. Our marketing is designed to speak to Americans who love steaks and great food, getting together with family and friends and giving gifts of great taste – no matter what TV shows they watch or what newspapers they read.

Bruce Simon, President

Furthermore, Omaha Steaks has no affiliation with Mr. Beck, nor do we endorse any political affiliations, views or beliefs. At Omaha Steaks, we greatly value the loyalty and support of our customers, fans and followers and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Too late though. This supplication to the propaganda and threats of hate driven Stalinist groups like StopBeck has cost the company (that is known to donate heavily to Democrats) a huge amount of business. In fact they’re still, two days later, getting immense negative reaction on their facebook page. Deserving. I hope they go out of business, and that it sends a message to other companies that getting in to bed with such totalitarian scum as StopBeck is something they should be very wary of.

Omaha Steak’s Facebook Page.

4 thoughts on “StopBeck- Company Gets Strong Warning On Yielding To Left Wing Fascists

  1. This is all good RB. The fascists just don’t get it, they are the morons who think they control the language. I doubt anyone does these days, the net and Fox has levelled the game. Attacking Beck is like biting you nose off in spite of your face. The progressive’s are fucked simply because their ideas are out for all to see. As Beck has said many times, these bastards know they can’t win if the are held up in the cold day light. They are scum. I hate them with a passion.


  2. Notice how none of these left-wing geniuses can ever take Beck on over the substance of what he says? Any opinion which counters the shibboleths of left-wing orthodoxy must simply be silenced.


  3. “I am supporting Media Matters in an effort to more widely publicize the challenge Fox News poses to civil and informed discourse in our democracy,” George Soros

    Amazing as to how these totalitarians disguise such filthy concepts within an innocuous wording of the language. As Mark Levin says every now and then: “listen carefully to the language these people use”


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