General Debate Tuesday 21/12/10

“European democracy was originally imbued with a sense of Christian responsibility and self-discipline, but these spiritual principles have been gradually losing their force. Spiritual independence is being pressured on all sides by the dictatorship of self-satisfied vulgarity, of the latest fads, and of group interests.” -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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  1. I emailed the British Red Cross yesterday in regard to the Xmas ban story. Here’s my email and their reply.

    >>> 20/12/10 02:57 >>>

    Hi there,

    In light of the above information I have decided to withhold any further contributions to your organisation and henceforth direct my charitable donations to an organisation more supportive of indigenous British traditions and culture.


    Dear Mr Blah,

    I thank you for your interest in the work of the British Red Cross and acknowledge the concerns you have expressed.

    The article that you forwarded is in actual fact an editorial piece that was printed in 2002, which seems to have somehow found its way onto the internet, resulting in some renewed interest.

    The British Red Cross responded in full at the time and has always been very open and clear about it’s position as a neutral organisation in all communications to supporters.

    If you are interested in reading about our position, then please do follow the link below:

    We hope that you will find some assurances on this page and that you will continue to support the valuable work that we do.

    With best wishes

    Jo Georgiou
    Head of Supporter Services


  2. Thank you for the update bla.

    Interesting that the piece is from 2002. It came to my attention after I was referred to it by another news site. Nevertheless, it seems that the gist of the article is correct, and Mr. Georgiou’s insistence that being seen to be in anyway Christian breaches “neutrality” is confirmation of the thinking behind it.

    It seems a bit rude to say to Christians that we want your money, but we must deny the existence of your charity and kindness in our operations. My mind is not changed.


  3. Notice how quiet the ‘gweens’ are on the maltreatment of women by moslems and their total silence on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


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