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Public service under scrutiny

Oh wow…!! Here’s something really big time here. Must be at least a million dollar fraud or some desperate act of cronyism and/ or corruption.  How many bureaucrats do we get to string up? Let’s read on-

Wikileak revelations about US sympathisers within the public service is disappointing to Green MP Keith Locke

What? Keith Locke is “disappointed” and it draws a headline like this??

1) Who the hell is Keith Locke? Some nondescript little commie subversive and loser from deep within the Watermelons.

2) Who the hell cares if he is disappointed? Who the hell cares if he’s not disappointed? Who the hell cares more than a damn jot about idiots like Keith Locke and what they may be feeling at any given time?

The integrity of our public service is under scrutiny following Wikileaks revelations about former senior civil servant Mary-Anne Thompson.

OK, must be something here right? “revelations” “integrity” Shocking words. Wonder what she has done.

Leaked US Embassy cables show the former Labour Department boss was regarded by the Americans as sympathetic to their counter-terrorism goals and provided insights on how to sell US policies to our Government.

What the hell? How does this in the slightest way involve any issue of “integrity”. Thompson agreed with the policies and told the US government that, and suggested a ways and means to get the policies accepted. Somehow this is some kind of breach of trust???

Green MP Keith Locke says it’s disappointing we’ve had people who’ve been promoting US positions while serving in the Prime Minister’s office. “People like Bill Peoples (were) acting pretty much along American policy lines of strengthening our anti-terrorism policy to be consistent with George Bush policy”, he said.

The subversive red Locke again. All he’s really saying here is that he’s pissed because those entrusted to make such decisions, made ones he did not agree with. There is once again no “integrity” issue and nothing that demands “scrutiny”.

This is a pathetic beat up and its so bad in its complete lack of objectivity, NewstalkZB should charge Locke an advertising fee for broadcasting/ printing it. Then they should fire the journalist who wrote the article, because whoever they are, they don’t have the faintest idea what journalism and reporting is all about. I’d look for a direct connection to the Watermelon Party too.

Makes me wonder if NewstalkZB management have ever heard that maxim “we report, you decide”. Apparently not.

Just another day and another piece of propaganda folks, in the incestuous mainstream media/ Environmentalist/ far left conglomerate that is making a mockery of journalism in New Zealand.

You can read the article here if you must.

One thought on “Politically Corrupt Reporting By NewsTalkZB

  1. Red,

    I hope you are not overtly sinuating that socialist journo’s are purposely endorsing political leftist agenda’s and politicians as if the media is corruptly socialist with no opposition from the ‘capitalist’ state reminding the socialist media they must remain impartial. Because if you are I feel as naieve as some of your corresponts accuse me.

    If so, then this means the NZ media have perpetuated a con on the exact level of the Catholic Church as a respectable and hallowed institution.

    We certainly must wonder.

    I hold out hope for John Campbell……oh no don’t tell me???


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