Key Needs To Grow A Spine & Halt Separatism

I was astonished to read the following story on NewstalkZB-

More than 100 jobs have been cut in the timber processing industry and the Maori Party’s committed to helping those affected. The Maori Party is promising to talk to the Prime Minister, local body leaders and officials to support three small rural towns where more than 100 timber processing jobs have been cut. 80 jobs are gone at Ohakune’s Tangiwai Mill, 26 at Kawerau’s sawmill and 30 at the Prime Sawmill near Gisborne. Party co-leader, Tariana Turia, says most of the workers are Maori and history says that when there are significant job cuts in small towns, the entire community and local economy suffers.

Ok, some workers got laid off, always a sad event, but why the distinction relating to race? If there are government services available to help those put out of work, they should be offered equally to each and every one of them. No matter what race.

She [Turia] plans to talk to John Key, mayors of all three towns and Work and Income to see what plans they have in place to support the workers and their families, and to ensure there is enough financial assistance available.

Why? What the hell has it got to do with her? Turiana Turia is in my humble opinion, a disgusting racist who does a serious disservice to the NZ government. I have not forgotten her vicious smear on the Europeans who built this country, by falsely comparing the effect of this on Maori as equivalent to the effect of the holocaust on European Jews. She may well be associate Employment Minister but she has no business approaching this issue at any level other than a Ministerial one, and certainly no right to do so on a racially selective basis. A cheap charlatan and racist grandstanding and big noting with other people’s money.

John Key is the Prime Minister. He must tell Turia to back off and leave the sorting of the problem to the non partisan government department concerned. He needs to tell Turia that is the way government works in a civilized country. If he can’t do that simple thing then what can he do?

He has already given far too much away to the Maori party for their “support”, including agreements to not abolish the Māori seats without the consent of Māori, and to review the Foreshore and Seabed Act, and to include Māori representation in a wider constitutional review. This is on top of making Turia and co-leader Sharples Ministers outside of cabinet.

I do not believe anyone who voted for National was ever expecting this outcome at the time they cast their vote, and if they had known it, the election outcome would have been vastly different.

John Key has proven himself a weak and vacillating leader happy to appear on radio stations and television shows run by progressives, and talk non-political waffle and sing ditties with airheads, but he appears incapable of telling the NZ people of his vision for the country. We just do not know what he wants, but he could at least reassure us he does not seek apartheid, and he can do that by reining in the Maori Party.

Right now, one of NZ’s biggest problems is the growing racial divide that has been engineered by destructive race based government policies and TOW processes. If Key does not possess the political spine and acumen to fix this problem then he should be replaced by someone who does. This has to stop.

NewstalkZB story here.

7 thoughts on “Key Needs To Grow A Spine & Halt Separatism

  1. Key is weak as piss. 2011 being an election year will make him more of the smile and wave type of imbecile he already is.


  2. I support equality of all people under the law and same treatment of all NZers from our Departments of Justice, Education and Health, the NZ Police, the Corrections Department, etc…

    So quite obviously that makes me a racist…


  3. He must tell Turia to back off and leave the sorting of the problem to the non partisan government department concerned.

    The problem is that he can’t. The Maori Party have him by the balls. They know that he knows that they are one disagreement away from pulling their support. So he just has to keep on saying yes.


  4. That’s a great post. This shit has to stop, but by the time it does (if ever) it will be too late to wind back the damage done by the Smiling Weasel.


  5. “They know that he knows that they are one disagreement away from pulling their support. So he just has to keep on saying yes.”

    Let them. ACT will continue to support National till the election. If the Maori Party pull their support, ACT and National could got enough votes as voters will be scared of a Labour, Greens and Maori Party government.


  6. I agree Chuck. There will come a time when National and the MP will have an irreconcilable difference – fueled I suspect by increasingly raised expectations due in part by the current pliability of the smirking suit and his quasi-activist AG. The MP will then run to Labour, who desperate for political power will make even more concessions. Besides, methinks Turia still wants to exact some utu on Labour (as Winnie wants to do to the Nats, too)


  7. Turia is a fat filthy little racist pig…and what do we do with fat little piggies…we shove a stick up their arse and spit roast ’em over hot coals , only problem is..whose gona wana to eat it?


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