A Classic Symptom of The Socialist Disease

The story about the ten year old boy who fell into the hot pool at Rotorua was very chilling. I felt immense pity for the boy as I read of his painful suffering immediately after the event, and was saddened to read of his death yesterday. My sympathies to the family on their loss.

It didn’t surprise me though to read today’s headline in the NZ Herald- “Dead boy’s family: Raise the fences”

No fences need to be raised. The fences are high enough that millions of other children have passed through the display with no problems. The fences and the park management are not to blame. The boy is to blame, and perhaps his family for allowing him to run apparently unsupervised, but nobody else needs to share any guilt or blame for what happened.

Recently a baby girl was drowned in a local swimming pool. The mother was consumed by the grief of this event and has since been conducting a campaign for improved swimming pool fences. Knee jerk reactionaries at the council who think their primary function in life is to enact legislation, acted upon her concerns and have introduced sweeping reforms to swimming pool fence regulations that will cost millions across the city and force major changes in almost every backyard with a pool.

The issue here is the apparently readiness of those most responsible for these sad and fatal events to falsely blame the collective for a failure of care. This is a self destructive perspective that breeds a condition whereby if “everybody” is responsible, then no one individual is responsible. People become dependent upon the “collective” and as that mindset becomes more and more widespread, lose the ability to take responsibility for themselves.

It appears that every accident that involves a fatality or near fatality in NZ breeds immediate calls for changes to or increased regulations, when in most cases, the event has been down to simple error of judgment at a personal level.

The Herald reports- “His parents, through Kiribati community elder Tibwere Tauman, called for greater safety measures at the popular Rotorua District Council park.”

If you go as a family to visit thermal pools, you make sure your kids are informed of the potential dangers, and if they are too young to care for themselves, the parent cares for them. Socialism breeds many a destructive mental attitude among its unsuspecting victims. The view that parents have only a small share of the responsibility of caring for and raising children and the “community” has the major share is one of the most destructive of these attitudes. People must first of all be responsible for themselves and their own children. No fences need to be raised at Rotorua.

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  1. Spot on commentary.
    The parents of this careless, and now defunct, child want babysitting from craddle to grave: the result of a pervasive and malign socialistic mindset.


  2. I have visited this park. I did exactly what you said in your last paragraph- one child got the full horror story of being cooked to death in boiling mud explained to him, the other was taken around by the hand the whole time.

    No doubt exactly as has happen with many thousands of other families visiting.


  3. From the article:

    “They were just playing, running around, and they left the group. That’s when the accident happened. They were out of sight of the mum and dad.

    “Toromon jumped over the fence and just started walking and slipped, then he fell into the mud.”

    Higher fences are not needed. The Rotorua District Council is not at fault for this tragedy, and neither is the boiling mud.


  4. Actually this story reminds me of an event (20?) years ago when a visiting mother and daughter American tourists were at Punakaikihi (Pancake Rocks) on the West coast. Now the daughter was an adult in her 30s(?), not a child. They were next to the main surge pool and decided to climb over the fence to get a better look – both of the silly twits fell in; about a 20m drop, and required rescuing. Luckily they were not injured badly.

    Anyway, as a result this same mother and daughter “demanded” that the fence was not sufficient, and that it should be made impossible to climb over any replacement barrier. Having visited the area subsequently some areas you just can’t get to any longer, while others have ridiculously over the top barriers.

    Expect to see the same type of BS implemented at Rotorua as a result of this recent tragedy.

    PS Talking of stupid American tourists, I recall a number of them who have “fallen off” the Cook Strait Ferries into the Straits never to be seen of again. Which raises the issue of whether the above family are relatively new arrivals to NZ. But either way, stupid decisions often have dire outcomes – it’s called life – sometimes shit happens!


  5. There was also the case of Kiwi yachtsmen who sailed to a beach in Vanuatu. They were told by locals NOT to swim on that beach as there was a serious shark problem.

    They knew better.

    Their daughter turned into shark shit.


  6. I believe the answer is common sense and balance. My property backs onto the Waipa River. The river goes up and down so a fence would not be practical. My grand children know the danger. They are not retarded. If I had a visitor with children I would warn them of the danger and if their children were very young or retarded I would make the warning stronger.

    I think it is likely the parents were at fault. I may be wrong. However, I can understand the parents saying the fence should be higher. What would anyone say if some reporter said do you think the fence should be higher?

    I am 67 and still climbing mountains. If I die in the attempt, I demand to buried at the summit and no one be allowed to go to the summit for at least 1000 years.


  7. That’s another thing of course. Councils have many rivers streams etc running through their properties but do not construct the same kind of fencing around these hazards as they insist people do around private swimming pools.


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