Dropkick Sixties Hippie Dopeheads Behind NZ’s Collapsing Social Condition

The word “Progressive” holds current ascendancy as the one most applicable to the left and their imposition upon us of today’s soft Marxist tyranny. Many commenters disagree because to them the word still holds its original meaning. Not to me. Progressive just means Marxist. I long ago accepted that the left’s primary reason for their success is the concealment of what they really are and what they really want. Deceit is their natural credo. They’re always destroying words and perverting concepts to advance their political agenda. Progressive is just one more example. Let them call themselves that. Soon, it will meet the same fate as the many other appellations they have used to conceal that they are, at heart, Communists.

Mind you, I get the point of those who complain. Progressives are not at all concerned with progress. The main outcome of their policies has been regression, to a barbaric and self destructive level that would probably be about as low on the social scale as our civilisation has ever been. My attention was recently caught by an American Thinker article- We have seen the hippie damage, and we hate it. Conservative America has been witness to the cultural damage and decay perpetrated on it by the left since the 1960s. We have stood back with jaw agape at the horrifying images of the American family disintegrating and drug use soaring, while the liberals nod approvingly and call it “progress.”

Sounds a lot like New Zealand to me. The writer goes on-

To my fellow conservatives, I ask: is this seriously what we wanted for America? That the whole place is turning into a street corner in San Francisco, with random sex and open drug use? That people lack the willpower to get their life in gear and are 100% dissipated and immoral? That when they act this immoral and undisciplined, they are totally unproductive, can’t hold down a job, and need welfare from the productive workers? I know for a fact that in Marxists’ misguided attempts to help poor people, all they do is manufacture more poor people. Conservative talk show host Michael Savage often refers to socialism as “trickle-up poverty,” and he’s right.

He’s right again. Not only have we seen massive moral decay, we’ve seen an accompanying decline in the work ethic and a resulting drop in living standards. What really drove me to write about this piece though was writer Samuel Pennel’s final paragraph. If you’re a Conservative, and you want something better for yourself and your family, then I ask that you spread the last words in this article far and wide.

As a conservative, I can say with 1,000% certainty that this is not what I want my America to be. This is why I am raging in favor of a conservative revolution in 2011, and I’m convinced that it will happen. I need conservatives to be loud, though — I need your help. I need for everyone to speak up as loudly as they can — in public, on the internet…everywhere. Our voices will rise, and we will yell so loudly that everyone will hear us — politicians, the press, academia, everyone. We will speak so loudly that our voices will be impossible to ignore, and this country will be ours again. This is still our place, this is still our land, and we can still make it what whatever we want it to be. God bless America, and God bless Ronald Reagan, 2011.

Its a universal message, but don’t forget to rework it a bit to suit your local situation. (That said, who the hell locally could ever replace Reagan?)

Full article here.

3 thoughts on “Dropkick Sixties Hippie Dopeheads Behind NZ’s Collapsing Social Condition

  1. “I long ago accepted that the left’s primary reason for their success is the concealment of what they really are and what they really want”

    I’d be really interested to read your opinion on this RB . . . In a NZ context, how many of the left actually understand what the end game is, and how many are simply indoctrinated minions who believe they stand on the side of virtue and compassion? (in accordance with the left-wing narrative)

    Where would you place, oh I dunno, say John Minto, Russell Brown & Kiwiblogs RRM for example ? (on the scale of things)


  2. Minto is a dedicated global communist who knows well what is going on. Russell Brown is IMHO a lame left wing dupe. Its only a guess though. I’d say there’s maybe a 30% chance he’s as aware as Minto.

    RRM is IMHO just a hate driven homosexual dimbulb with no real idea other than some immature and juvenile idea of right and left that he should have grown out of years ago. If he’s got any deep ideological commitment to socialism of the kind Minto has it has escaped me.

    I look at it this way. There are those driving the train to the end station. Minto, McCarten, Helen Klark, Margaret Wilson. They all want the same destination and might only differ about the speed it should travel at.

    Then there’s the other bunch, passengers perhaps, who enjoy being on the train, but don’t know where the end of the line is. What the ultimate destination is. They are the Browns, who might want to stop and get off before it gets to the Klark Minto station. Not too soon before though.

    They’re morons who (if I can change the metaphor) think that they can mix capitalism and Marxism and make it drinkable.

    The question I guess is, do the Browns etc fully understand what the Klark Mintos are up to? Hard to say. Most likely they do, but are just in denial.


  3. Glad you clarified that. Seems to me a lot of the foot-soldiers are there just trying to get what they think they want, and follow the pipers who are playing the nicest tunes. And look how that turned out.


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