China & India Profit From West’s Insanity on Emissions

Just look at it on a smaller scale. Say you owned a car hire business in a small town. You needed a scheme to make it almost impossible for competitors to match your hire rates. You dream up a plan, and you go to the town council, and you persuade them to put in place regulations that severely impact upon your competitors’ abilities to carry out business. Say the regulation governs exhaust gases, and demands that all car rental companies fit their cars with special engine devices. Your competitors have to charge high rates to recover the cost of these devices. The devices also result in poor performance, making hirers even less interested than they are already because of the uncompetitive rates. Pretty soon your competitors are all out of business and you’ve got the local car hire market sewn up.

But wait, how could you excuse your own hire car company from needing to comply with the same regulations? Easy. You tell the council that the policy should not be applied to businesses that are just starting up, (developing) and creating jobs and investment and commerce in new areas of town. Then you fudge this definition by using vague and subjective terminology in any applicable regulations so that even after you have put your competitors out of business, you still qualify as “developing”. The real trick is, you develop a political climate that favours your situation by making sure you have friends at the council. A few brown paper bags full of cash wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

China and India are exempt from the demands the UN is making on western countries (developed) because they are classified by their friends at the UN as “developing”. Canada Free Press reports- China’s carbon dioxide pollution jumped 8 percent from 2008 to 2009 and India’s went up over 6 percent. In 1990, the developed world produced 65 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide. Now it is less than 43 percent as those countries have cut about 10 percent of their emissions while the developing world has more than doubled their overall emissions.

China has long relied on coal to fuel its economic growth as about three-quarters of its electricity output is produced by coal-fired power stations. China totaled 46 percent of the world’s coal consumption in 2009, and amount 3.5 times more than the United States consumed. [..]

India’s coal consumption has been increasing at 6 percent per year since 2000 and its net coal imports in 2009 were 74,000 short tons, about two-thirds of China’s level. Although India is endowed with less coal reserves than China, with 7 percent of the world’s total, its growing dependence on coal consumption will make it a growing contributor to carbon dioxide emission.

China’s vehicle market is predicted to rise to 30 to 40 million annually in 2020 from about 17 million this year. By comparison, the American market leveled off at 16 to 17 million in its best years before the current economic downturn and is on track for closer to 12 million this year.

China, the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases, has maintained that the United States and other rich countries should make bigger cuts in their emissions because of their larger historical contribution to greenhouse gases.

Well they would wouldn’t they? The idea of controlling global CO2 is doomed to failure, especially while India and China are granted exemption. Moreover, its a crazy scheme because it shuts our manufacturers out of markets. They have to comply with ridiculous cost increases imposed by flawed carbon control legislation and become uncompetitive trying to recover those costs in the sales prices of their products.

Finally, the reason its really off the wall crazy is because of this artificial and completely illogical classification of China and India as “developing”. They may be developing in some areas but so what?? They’re massive consumers of global resources, and they’re selling their products in huge quantities on the global market like every other manufacturer. They also spend billions on their armed forces, nuclear weapons development and space exploration. We are subsidizing them while they build weapons they are quite likely to use against us some day in the future.

If China and India wanted to cook up a scheme to bury their global competition, they couldn’t think up a better plan than the idiotic restrictions the western world, (NZ especially under the Key/ Smith ETS) are voluntarily committing to.

We need to drop the ETS and start mining and using our own coal resources right now, and to hell with China and India and their corrupt UN cronies and this farcical propaganda about “developing”. Our return to prosperity starts in getting rid of the gormless brainwashed “blue green” politicians who are taking us down this completely irrational road, and we all know who they are. We are broke as a country, and we just cannot afford this lunacy any more, and in case you’re missing the point Mr. Smith, we’re about fed up with those politicians imposing it upon us. You especially, you irrational unaware brainwashed unseeing idiot.

9 thoughts on “China & India Profit From West’s Insanity on Emissions

  1. And while while the nutter Nick Smithy continues to support its baby, the ETS.
    Shame on the bastard.


  2. If this madness is allowed to continue we will observe the complete and utter DEATH of the West. China and India will, quite literally, OWN US.


  3. If 7% of the voters voted ACT there would be 9 ACT MPs. This could happen if it was not for all the negative types that can only go on about how ACT is rating in the polls.

    ACT is the only party in Parliament opposed to the ETS.

    The solution seems simple. All people strongly opposed to the ETS join ACT and become involved. It is a lot more likely to happen than some now party that has not got a leader.


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