Jared Loughner- Suffering mental illness, but immensely useful to the left’s smear campaign

Shocking news about the shootings in Arizona. I read the reports in horror. But, after a while, my horror at the shooting was submerged by the realization that the left were doing all they could to turn this event in to a vicious and cowardly attack on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. This is a tragic event, but at the heart of the tragedy is a human being desperately in need of help, and who is now being used by the left to secure political points against the forces they see as the biggest threat in a long time to their social and political ascendancy.

Whatever Jared Loughner’s political views might be, he was first of all mentally disturbed. That he was apparently homosexual, ominously interested in children, considered “The Communist Manifesto” as one of his favourite books, and described by his peers as a lefty liberal, points to him being about as far from a Tea Partier or Sarah Palin fan as one can get.

That Congresswoman Gifford (a Democrat) was considered a target by many on the left for her support of Arizona’s tough stance on immigration and being generally non supportive of Nancy Pelosi goes unreported. In fact there have been posts made on left wing forums that have celebrated her as dead, only a few days before her shooting. The attacks on her electoral office are believed to have been carried out as a result of her lack of support for Obama’s leftist agenda. From all the evidence available to date, it now appears that Gifford was shot in the head by Loughner because she was not far enough to the left.

Jane Fonda, notorious communist sympathizer and traitor, twitted that Sarah Palin had incited the violence because her web site displayed a map showing Democrat states marked by rifle sight symbols. This was incorrect. The symbols were cartography style survey markers. For a communist traitor like Jane Fonda to accuse Sarah Palin of inciting violence when she herself is most famous for posing smilingly sitting astride a Nth Vietnamese cannon, or looking through the sights of a Nth Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun is yet another demonstration of the stark intellectual perversion of the left.

Most outrageously, the mainstream media instantly and enthusiastically ran with the anti-Palin anti-Tea Party narrative. That they were so desperately quick to promote this meme is even more proof of their utter dedication to the political objectives of the Progressives, and how utterly politically corrupted our media is.

The mainstream media is a rotting decaying dung heap of leftist corruption, and their cowardly attempt to use the actions of a mentally deranged loner to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party is just one more link in a chain of evidence that has no end.

Blogs will bring you the truth. The mainstream media are the walking dead.

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CHRIS MATTHEWS: You guys see Live and Let Die, the great Bond film with Yaphet Kotto as the bad guy, Mr. Big? In the end they jam a big CO2 pellet in his face and he blew up. I have to tell you, Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big, and at some point somebody’s going to jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he’s going to explode like a giant blimp. That day may come. Not yet. But we’ll be there to watch.

Interview with close friend (Free Republic thread) “Jarod was a left liberal”

Link to series of pictures of leftists advocating death and violence towards George Bush.

Democrat campaign map with targets. It should be noted that the symbols on Sarah Palin’s map were cartography style survey markers, not rifle sight cross hairs as claimed by traitor Jane Fonda.

Still from Democrat TV commercial showing Republican candidate J D Hayworth in rifle sights.


Bush assassination play.
Bush assassination film
Liberals fantasize over Limbaugh death
Bill Maher wishes Cheney death
Liberal cartoon showing Palin kids with machine gun
Punch Sarah Palin cartoon
Liberal painting of Sarah Palin nude with machine gun
Liberal poster Palin in gunsight
Gunsight on Republican Party
Video Black Panthers Advocate kill crackers
Bill Ayers advocates extermination of capitalists.
Socialist violence in Greece
Socialist violence in Rome
Socialist violence in UK
Obama video-“get in their faces”
Obama video- “punish our enemies”

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Barack Obama 2008

20 thoughts on “Jared Loughner- Suffering mental illness, but immensely useful to the left’s smear campaign

  1. You’re absolutely right, this whole thing was tragic, and the fact that the left is trying to make it out to be a big right wing conspiracy is just sick. Especially since the shooter wasn’t even a conservative.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    “…The Tea Party has often been called radical for their loud demonstrations, and holding their elected politicians feet to the fire. But are they anything like Jared Loughner, a liberal, who shot his own Congresswoman in the head for voting against Nancy Pelosi?…”



  2. Well Daily Kos took down the entry shortly after his name became public, so they seem to think so. The screen shot was taken by a member of Newsbusters and everyone there seems to believe its him. Can I say for certain, no. But I’d stake quite a bit on it.


  3. Yeah, that’s OK. I saw all of that too, and was just a bit wary of making the association. I did notice that the writing there seemed to be a little more coherent than other examples of Loughner’s work.


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  5. RB – I see it has been a tough day on Kiwibog. I don’t know why you bother, it is always the same old shit from the same old anencephalic regressives who’ll never change their myopic views.

    The mainstream media is a rotting decaying dung heap of leftist corruption

    I couldn’t agree more…….and the editorialised ‘news’ is repeated without a nanosecond of thought by own arse-sucking media or our population of stunned mullets.


  6. “RB – I see it has been a tough day on Kiwibog. I don’t know why you bother, it is always the same old shit from the same old anencephalic regressives who’ll never change their myopic views.”

    Its absolutely pissing down with rain here today Mawm. Teaming. Nothing better to do.

    A shame that on Kiwiblog they’re all so utterly devoid of wit and humour and intelligence, but I guess that is the left for you. Thank God they only hang out there.

    And you’re perfectly correct. You can demolish an argument, and five minutes later, some other spoon fed communist moron will turn up with exactly the same argument. They’re so feeble mentally they cannot even read a thread.

    Wouldn’t make much difference I suppose. The mainstream media does their thinking for them, and whatever that meme is, that is what they’ll be posting. So dull.


  7. Kiwiblog is like a septic tank.

    Better the turds are contained in one place, away from the rest of us.


  8. I’m really not sure what the connection ( if any) is between Loughner and BlueBoy who posted the drivel on Kos, but BlueBoy did mention shooting himself in the mouth. Loughner’s rants certainly seem brain-damaged.


  9. The left do not yet know what they have done with their campaign of lies and smears against Palin and the Tea party and others on the right. Attempting to use this incident to their political advantage. I have not so far in the political battle seen such anger at this cowardly display of deceit. If they thought the Tea Party was bad, they might have to think again after the reaction they have provoked with this demonstration of utterly despicable cynicism.


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  12. I am a Democrat, and I think Jane Fonda should be assaulted with the rough end of a pineapple before facing a firing squad. And I support our troops; I served in the Army and my father is a retired CW3. So I would like to ask if you categorize me and a lot of other sensible people into this “cowardly, deceitful, perverse left” that you keep writing about. Just because boneheads like Hanoi Jane and Michael the hamburglar Moore are liberals does not mean that people listen to their rants. This is akin to categorizing you with the nazis because, you know, they were big into nationalism, against immigration, hated communists, fully supported their troops, etc.


  13. What you need to do is clean up your own party mate. I’ve just posted another example of what the left are. Tell you what, you get all the scum out of your party and I’ll stop putting you all in the same rubbish bin. You Democrats have not elected a decent man to the Presidency in decades.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Kerry, Frank, Dodd, Franken, (for example) are what you’ve given us of late, and before that Billy Bob Clinton. The Democrats are the party of cultural Marxism. Your whole modus operandi has been based on making sure the voters don’t know what your real intent is. Its your problem. Not mine.

    BTW, the Nazis were a totalitarian organization. Just like today’s left who are only a little more sophisticated in running an organisation that has exactly the same objectives. A one party state with an all powerful government. Look at their recent attacks on the Constitution.

    I have friends who are Dems. I’m well aware that not all Democrats are what I describe as leftists, but its about time those that are not woke up and took their damn party back. Right now it is a disgrace, and what they (the left) have done to the US and almost every western country is a disgrace too. You lie down with dogs mate, you get fleas.


  14. I concede to you that the Democratic party has too many weeds that need to be pulled. My intention in the previous post is only to determine whether this site has the facility to take a critical view on both parties, because I believe there are weeds on both sides of this fence. I seek only to engage people with conservative views so as to better understand them. In my opinion, too few people care to understand opposing views and this is why politics have become so polarized in our country. Sarcasm is so much easier, and you don’t have to learn anything to be good at it. Please define “cultural Marxism” as you perceive it. I’ve run into too many conservative websites that are nothing more than apologists for their own party, following a very part-time intellectual strategy of downplaying Republican mistakes and amplifying Democratic ones. It might work for the masses (a sad fact, indeed), but I’m looking for a bit more objectivity. You mentioned that there has not been a good Dem president in decades. Touché. But I can point out serious flaws in each of the Republican presidents as well. And if you’re prepared to rationalize each and every one of their sins, then we can just start with Nixon. In their defense, all of the Democratic Vice Presidents knew how to spell “potato”. You also mentioned attacks on the Constitution, but I wonder if you’re ok with what Rehnquist did to the 1st Amendment during his tenure. Do you turn a blind eye to violations of the Establishment clause if it is in the service of your own religion? Or do you truly believe in the separation between religion and government being complete?


  15. If you look carefully, Sevinthseal, you’ll see precious little support for the Republican party here. For individual candidates, yes. And that’s what the left need to start doing–forget party loyalty and start supporting individuals with integrity. Given the list of fixers and criminals who get re-elected time after time, because they’re black or they bring home the pork, I’m not hopeful.

    On the level of supporters for each party, it’s the Dems who are masters of invective, lies, spin and physical violence and intimidation. You said:
    “too few people care to understand opposing views and this is why politics have become so polarized in our country.”
    Take a look at who the vast majority of trolls in blogs are…leftists. Foul mouthed, disruptive, determined to drag civil discussions off-topic. Clean up your side, and we may be able to talk.


  16. Jeff Perren over at Not PC puts it well:
    “…Your cause is not noble, your methods are not virtuous, your philosophy is not just. Your ideas are more than mistaken; they’re immoral, impractical, and unconstitutional. Change your philosophy and change your behavior and ‘the Right’ will have no longer have an incentive to fight back against your support for squishy tyranny..”


  17. I am not even going to start on trying to dissuade you from your seemingly fascist side of conservatism slant on this post. But lets get one things straight, survey marks are circles with lines coming in from the edge. Gun sights are circles with lines coming in from outside the edge. Sarah Palin’s image was a gun sight (don’t you remember the “don’t retreat, reload” comment?), the example you showed was survey marks. The Washington Post image is not clear enough to be discerned. Also BlueBoy is Joey Stuart, which also means that your assertion that Loughner was gay is also suspect.


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