5 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly FOX News Interviews Sheriff Dupnik Tucson Arizona

  1. This is why Wall St is laughing…no one knows who the bankers are. So a politician gets the bullet.

    This really is all about politics and another politician will get a bullet cause their faces are public.

    This didn’t happen in another age because politicans had a good reputation and the bankers of course were in the back ground. Now they are hand in hand

    Goldman Sachs = White House.


  2. “This didn’t happen in another age because politicans had a good reputation ”
    FFS! Did you even watch the goddam interview?
    It did happen in another age, it’s happened again and again. And politicians didn’t have a good reputation, certainly not as a class–they’ve always been reviled for the self-serving, dishonest creeps so many of them have been.


  3. Wikiriwhi. I’m not sure this is the thread for you to make the point, nor for me to encourage you, but you are correct.

    The ancient Sophists counseled those who would rule to choose the shadows rather than the stage. Plato told the rest of us about their ways — that the weasels stay in the shadows so we rarely connect their names and faces directly. You may be correct, but IMHO, Goldman Sachs is too visible to be the brains in all this. That said, the sophistry employed to keep their agents in power would continue without alternative views being presented to a wider audience but for us on the blogs. It ultimately comes down to us to shed light on the falsehoods so as to let truth out, and thereby defeat the powers hiding in the dark.


  4. No argument. The depression settles that. And it wasn’t the only one. But now the people are wiser. Pre-war the people were humble and very poor. They were putty.

    The pollies are so bold now they hardly try to hide their agenda’s, John Key included.

    That’s the difference. International govts are supporting the agenda together. Watch National get bolder and bolder with their mouths, esp in their next term. Listen for the term ‘Martial Law’ start spouting out of JK’s mouth in the near future.

    Tomorrows headlines are being written in these blogs.


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