Democrats Not Lowlife? Obama turns a memorial service into a political rally

Obama and his thugs have turned the Arizona shootings memorial service into a Democrat Campaign rally. At the forefront are outrageous plans to use the event to publicize Obama’s new election slogan- ‘Together We Thrive.’ The words were taped to the seats in which mourners would sit during the service. Michelle Malkin reports-

All the University of Arizona buses in Tucson have been flashing the slogan on their digital signs. Attendees at the memorial tonight report that they are being handed out the blue and white t-shirts as they enter the venue. A reader in attendance tells me via Twitter that volunteers will be wearing red-and-white shirts.

These vulgar and ignorant acts typify so well the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the gangsters and crooks that currently occupy the White House. Not one shred of decency. Not one milligram of respect for the dead. Its all about Obama and winning the next election.

The Examiner reports When Obama entered the arena, the crowd wildly cheered and applauded as if they were doped pot heads at a Doobie Brothers concert. Hoots and shouts and cheers were heard each time a Leftwing speaker took the podium, such as Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder.

Televised records of the event depict a cheering crowd, not mournful spectators paying homage to the dead. An Indian invocation was offered at the beginning of the event, followed by cheers from a crowd that reacted more like the audience at a rock concert than a memorial service.

Families of the victims should be thoroughly disgusted. Where is the quiet dignity and respect for the dead that should prevail at a memorial event? Obama with his lowlife ignorant Oprah watching welfare dependent devotees, has turned the service into a cheap and nasty political rally. They’re too damn uncivilized to even feel shame for their actions.

Footnote: As Michelle Malkin notes, in the spirit of the new slogan (‘Together We Thrive.’) will Obama persuade Democrat States like Kalifornia to drop their boycotts of Arizona?

4 thoughts on “Democrats Not Lowlife? Obama turns a memorial service into a political rally

  1. Also from your link, Red:

    An Indian invocation was offered at the beginning of the event …

    There were no Christian clergy present on the platform..

    So we get some “Indian witchdoctor” doing invocations, but no Christian clergy – why am I not surprised. No doubt this was an Obama stipulation. Lets hope conservative America kicks this secularist scum, and all his cronies, out on their arses.

    What a cheap opportunistic low-life this Kenyan Muslim is. Absolutely no respect for the dead whatsoever.


  2. Sarah Palin uses the phrase “blood libel” and all hell breaks loose in the mainstream media, but since day one, the Teflon-coated Obama has been getting away with referring to his political opposition as “enemies”, using rhetoric like “If they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun”, and allowing his Attorney-General Eric Holder to say “America is a nation of cowards”, without criticism.
    Now he says, disingenuously, “Out of this tragedy, we can come together”. Far from being a unifier, Obama is the most calculatingly divisive President America has ever elected. As they say, a fish rots from the head down.


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