Sarah Palin Hate Tweets

Shortened this video up a bit and gave it a more appropriate sound track. (Lennon’s Imagine removed… pffft, was there ever a more irritating whine?). Worth looking at for an example of the utter derangement that possesses the left and as a reminder of the uncivilised barbarian hordes we are up against. A plague of Jared Loughners. And really, Sarah Palin is in danger. These people are utterly off the planet. It makes one wonder if the hatred whipped up by the Nazis against the Jews was any worse than this.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Hate Tweets

  1. This is exactly why the Nazis whipped up a storm of hatred towards the Jews.

    To unite their followers and the weak sisters that tag along with any popularist wave of emotion against a ‘common enemy’.

    The left NEED people to hate, an insecurity issue in my book- Sarah Palin fits the bill for them and I wonder if Fox will see its Kristallnacht for being outspoken against Das Fuhrer and his blackshirt thugs.


  2. The rabid left, also known as the moderate left. They don’t really get irony, do they?

    Well, a good list of names to investigate. Wouldn’t hurt for them to have the FBI turn up on their doorstep:

    “Ah, we are here to assess the degree to which you or members of your family are violent nut-jobs that go around preaching hate and making death threats”

    “What?? Not us, we are nice Democrats”

    “What part of “Shoot the bitch” do you think is peaceful rhetoric?”


  3. A relevant question today based off comments at kiwiblog:

    what kind of narcissistic loser uses twitter to complain about blog comments? ffs


  4. Off topic and something I just do not have any interest in Reid. To post that video when Palin, as VP candidate, was locked into what ever the McCain camp was running with is just plain dumb.

    BTW, I state my posting policy clear enough. (Top right) If you do not agree with it, don’t post here. I’m not interested in making this site a duplicate of Kiwiblog, becoming more and more just an endless spew from left wing nut jobs.


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