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Why Leftists Are Far Likelier to Use Political Violence Than Conservatives

According to P.H. Vigor’s A Guide To Marxism, since religion cannot deliver any sense of morality, it is up to humanism to create standards. But, as Virgor notes-

Moreover, in any discussion involving ethics or morality, the fundamental point for a Marxist is that there is no such thing as an absolute Right and Wrong. Right and Wrong are relative for a Marxist: a thing which is wrong at one time, and in one set of circumstances, will be right in another…It is therefore simply not possible to settle an argument with them by reference to ethical principles—by saying, for instance, that the consequence of a particular policy would be murder, and you cannot commit murder. From a Marxist standpoint, you can—in certain circumstances

The point here cannot be made too vigorously. There is no moral center found in socialism, Marxism, anarchism, or communism, as we discover in the Bible’s Ten Commandments. There is therefore no such thing as absolute wrong or right action to a true leftist. So,where resistance to Marxism is encountered, a sincere leftist always has the option of picking up a weapon to further his “liberalism.” In fact, virtually every Marxist revolution has involved murderous attacks to gain power.. And this is why leftists will always be infinitely more dangerous than Conservatives. Link to full story.

Kentucky lawmaker wants drug tests for welfare recipients

FRANKFORT — A state lawmaker wants random drug testing of adult Kentuckians who receive food stamps, Medicaid or other state assistance. Those who fail the test would lose their benefits under House Bill 208, filed by Rep. Lonnie Napier, R-Lancaster. Napier’s proposal has won the backing of powerful House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, but critics say it would stigmatize welfare recipients and possibly harm their innocent children. “I’m not a hard-hearted guy,” said Napier. “I believe there is a need for public assistance for those who need it, but I understand some are using these funds to buy drugs.” Link to full story.

Cory Bernardi- Hypocrisy, thy colour is Brown.

Bob Brown’s credibility should be considered as dirty as the brown coal he condemns as destroying the planet. For too long his rhetoric, his headline grabbing claims and his extreme ideology have gone unexamined by much of the mainstream media. Just a few weeks ago, immediately after the Christmas Island boat wreck which claimed more than 48 lives, Brown called for the resignation of a newspaper columnist who made the obvious conclusion that Government policy had lured people to undertake the risky behaviour that ultimately cost them their lives. Link to full story.

Gay couple both win £1,800 damages from Christian hotel owners

Christian hotel owners who refused a gay couple a double room were today ordered to pay them compensation after a judge ruled they acted unlawfully. Peter and Hazelmary Bull were breaking the law when they denied Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy a room at their hotel in Cornwall in September 2008. Judge Andrew Rutherford made the ruling in a written judgment at Bristol County Court as he awarded the couple £1,800 each in damages. Mr Hall and Mr Preddy, from Bristol, were seeking up to £5,000 damages claiming sexual orientation discrimination under the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Link to full story.

Next Safety Nanny: “Ejection Mitigation”

So much for being thrown clear: the NHTSA has mandated that all new vehicles be equipped with “ejection mitigation” technology. Wait: isn’t that what seatbelts are for? Apparently not. For the benefit of the few dwindling throwbacks who still won’t buckle up, new cars will now have to be stuffed with even more and/or bigger side airbags, effectively preventing evolution from doing its job while adding yet another layer of blimpiness to modern cars. The new rule will go into effect near the end of 2013. Via Autoblog. Link to full story.

Christie: I was not criticizing Palin

(CNN) – Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie insisted Sunday that he was not criticizing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin when he told The New York Times that she “rightfully has been criticized” for consistently following a script. “It wasn’t a criticism of her. It was an observation,” Christie said on “Fox News Sunday.” “If you avoid those unscripted moments, I don’t think the American people will trust their instincts about whether you would make a good president or not.” Link to full story.

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  1. Christ! Surely, “David”s comment is satire?
    Isn’t it?
    Nothing that smug, that thick could survive off life-support.


  2. “I vote only on the basis of Humanitarian decisions, and NEVER vote based on selfish desires, (gaining a tax cut doesn’t interest me, not when Refugees and the Indigenous need a vote of support, for example).”

    What a load of pretentious, self-serving horseshit.


  3. Buddies, you may want to read this Designated Villains and the Tea Party, because David is trafficking in similar bogus assumptions. I’ll remind you that the important movie the Soviet Story demonstrates how Leftists project the fascist label when it is they who retain the crown as the ideological bigots of all time. And the video at the second “here” link is indeed worth seeing.

    (BTW, Gabe Malor is the moron at AoSHQ I least trust, but he did a nice job breaking this one down).


  4. Reference the excellent idea to drug test welfare recipients,note the usual excusiology of “testing will harm innocent children”. Surely its’ “parents who take drugs harm their innocent children”, and any measure to stop drug and welfare abuse has to be a good thing.
    Re David and “democratic socialism” proving itself…….why is the EU broke and every govt scrambling to put their finances in order,yep because democratic socialism demands uncontrolled spending,and especially on refugees and “indigenous”,many of whom have never and will never contribute to their own or society’s collective welfare.

    Roll on the fiscal roll back of what has become a collective madness in western societies.We need a new era of personal responsibility,self discipline and common sense.


  5. Guys, there’s a couple of basic measures that you need to be published here and that is a sanity threshold of at least 25% and an IQ above 50. Our friend David failed on both those counts so he’s currently residing in the recycle bin.

    If any of you guys really feel like dealing with such ranting lunacy I’m happy to resurrect the post, (just let me know) but for myself, I’m way past my tolerance level with such soft headed communist loons, and if I really want to waste my time dealing with that kind of insulting insane irrational rubbish, there’s plenty of other places I can go.


  6. Kowtow, I agree that drug testing of welfare recipients would be a good idea, but damn hard to implement. Think how many of the bastards there are.

    Then there is the basic principle that needs to be defined. What criteria need to be in place for the expenditure of welfare money. For example, can it be used to pay for a Sky dish? Or alcohol? Or a car even? (when there are bus services) Better in the end just to limit it to a specified term. Say either 100, 200 or 300 days. Possibly reducing in stages over that period.

    “The children the children the children” is always the catch cry of the Progressives, but what about your own children, and why should you be forced into paying long term for the maintenance of another man’s children?

    The thing I always find interesting about the dole is that it doesn’t exist in Singapore to anything like the extent it does in NZ, yet their children are all far better off.


  7. Thanks for that link Pascal. Interesting read.

    “That’s the take-away: the Tea Party is the villain because that’s what the story says, dammit, that’s why. The Tea Party is violent because this story demands a violent villain to contrast with the author’s peaceful Designated Hero. The Tea Party is racist because that’s their designation. Didn’t you read that they’re opposing President Obama? Ipso facto, racist, violent villains.”


  8. Red,
    Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    I get pissed off paying $48 every 6 months to have my roadworthy and well maintained cars looked at by VTNZ. So the car might be sound but what about the loons at the wheel?No test for the most important component in driving once you have a licence.
    The govt have implemented a testing regime for practically every car in the country which amounts to a tax on honest drivers.Bald tyres ,no problem borrow from a mate for the test and switch an hour later.
    Same with drink driving.40 years or so ago in Britain a media campaign resulted in the drink driving industry. Machines and laws were invented to detect the offence.
    What about tired drivers or drugged drivers ?. In NZ I believe drugged drivers are a huge menace,it’s only now the govt ‘s getting around to that. In the meantime tired drivers will continue to be responsible for perhaps a 3rd of deaths on the roads. This will be studiously ignored .

    You are of course right about the welfare thing.As a society we have forgotten that it should be a safety net,not a lifestyle choice which for many it has become. Welfare administration is a huge subject with all sorts of ideological underpinnings. The thing about comparisons with places like Singers is that those societies have a clear and strong social expectation of a work ethic,they value education , the family and traditional values something we in the west no longer seem to think is important or relevant. Our society has literally grown fat and lazy and has an expectation that taxpayers will carry the indolent.


  9. Yes Kowtow, the six monthly inspections are a tremendous waste of a country’s resources. I wonder how many accidents are caused by mechanical deficiencies, and whether the inspections have ever been cost benefited. I doubt it. Other countries are free of such restrictive and costly practices and apparently see no need to implement it, so it can’t really be of much value unless of course you own a testing facility.

    As for Singapore, yes, Lee Kuan Yew understood cultural Marxism and prevented it getting a foothold in his country. Its why the left hate Singapore with the same intensity they hate Sarah palin.


  10. “..so it can’t really be of much value unless of course you own a testing facility.”
    But of course–it’s simply yet another tax. I recall about ten years ago the AA said that less than 5% of accidents were caused by faulty vehicles. They’ve been very quiet on the subject since they were captured by leftist apparatchiks though. Little more than government poodles.


  11. “Little more than government poodles.”

    Damn right. They’re an utter disgrace as far as looking after the interests of car owners goes. Drivers have been looted and legislated against and harassed and harried and those useless bastards have not resisted at all, in fact they’ve been complicit in a lot of the attacks. Just useless spineless cowards.


  12. Just want to say this is a really good thread.

    Little known that Jerry Rawlings of Ghana refused IMF funds and they couldn’t get any sovereingty in the country. Ghana may be dirt poor but it’s still their’s.


  13. “Regarding the Bulls who got raped by the UK (in)justice courts on behalf of the homosexual couple.”

    Imagine if the tables were turned, and it was a homosexual couple who only allowed their hotel to be patronised by fellow queers. And when a “normal” couple tried to make a booking they were turned away, and subsequently brought the matter before the courts. I wonder what the ruling would be …


  14. It wouldn’t even get to court. Legally, discrimination can only be against a minority. I once tried to get Jenny Shipley censured by the HRC on the grounds you suggest with her preferences for Maori woman in some government scheme somewhere, (I forget exactly what now) but that was the grounds they used to reject my complaint.

    A letter of contorted rationale I received from some brainwashed Marxist thug painfully explained all of the absurdities of their race based propaganda offensive.


  15. “It wouldn’t even get to court.”

    Indeed, Red – you and I know that. Just goes to show how duplicitous the Marxist Left is. And by extension the majority can never be discriminated against by a minority.

    Basically if you’re straight, male, white and middle-class you’re pretty much stuffed if you’re seeking justice through the courts. The court ruling against the Bulls highlights this.


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