Judith Collins- A Cultural Marxist Who Has To Go

I know that Judith Collins has gained a lot of support in the community because she appears to be one of those rare MPs who “gets things done”. She received some acclaim from the right for her legislation that allowed the crushing of cars owned by “boy racers”. I have never understood myself what the preoccupation is with “boy racers”. Sure, they’re annoying bastards, but that does not mean we should have special laws and special punishments. Whatever was the problem with just dealing with them in the way that all other offenders are dealt with?

She claims success for the policy because offences by “boy racers” have reportedly dropped off. I suspect that’s because youngsters might find it a bit hard to get finance to purchase cars when the security is liable to be crushed.

Collins was once a strong supporter of the left and claims a life change brought her to National. Not much of a journey really, and possibly the reason why she seeks, as she did in the instance of the racers, to sectionalize society in the manner of a leftist. She is now calling for a “cultural change” in the Police Force, and in using such terms and endeavouring to put the silly Marxist concept of gender equality above an effectively functioning Force she once again demonstrates that residues of her far left past still remain in her political consciousness.

There should only be one selection criteria, and that is ability. The sex of the officer concerned should have no effect at all on promotion. This is where the concept of “Affirmative Action” falls down, for ability is given second place and Marxist ideas about gender and race are instead given priority. I notice we have a strangely large number of women holding senior positions within the police and knowing that government departments have been at the forefront of gender correctness, this leads me to suspect that the problems in the force are down to promotions being made on gender rather than merit. Its highly likely we have a collection of incompetent leaders who won senior positions merely because they were woman, and displaced more effective managers who were shut out of promotion opportunities because they were men.

The complaints from women in the Police force are infantile rubbish sourced from cultural Marxist dogma, and should not be accorded the importance they have been by the Minister. Judith Collins has to be replaced as Minister of Police. We cannot have a Minister who naively puts leftist ideas on gender “equality” above the security of citizens and effective police work. In fact I’d like to see her gone from the National Party for her pre-occupation with feminist issues shows she is still an innate leftist who has yet to understand how the left have gained their foothold in our society.

Collins cannot effectively promote the principles the National Party claims to stands for and simultaneously promote cultural Marxism. The Police cannot function effectively when they are being used as a vehicle for cultural Marxism at the expense of their ability to keep the public safe. The National Party cannot function as a government when they have feminist zealots who allow the dogma of cultural Marxism to be the main factor in their decision making. Collins is just another useless National Party flunky with no real Conservative principals underpinning her ideas, and no real idea how to fix the Police force, and she has to go.

(Any right wingers who disagree with this analysis please feel free to tell me why I am wrong)

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  1. Heh, I wonder if the “gender correctness” is related to the so-called “damning report” due to be released. It has been stated the contents include that many officers weren’t happy with certain people that were being appointed to senior roles.

    A few months back there was a senior officer on Breakfast stating that while they don’t have an official positive discrimination policy, they’d prefer to take a Maori over a non-Maori.


  2. Yes, and I also recall a police officer calling into NewstalkZB who said that if you were a white male applying for a job you went to the end of the queue, but if you were a Maori or Pacific island woman, they’d send a cab to bring you to your job interview.

    How can they expect the force to function effectively with these kind of morale crushing policies in place?


  3. “…they’d prefer to take a Maori over a non-Maori.”
    Yep. And with a predominantly maori police force and ditto Army, we’re going to be screwed.


  4. Gender equality in government departments, not going near the private sector!, is a plank of the last Labour govt & those before for the last 40 odd years. The true clean out of the police and other government departments needs to occur firstly with the nonsensical processes afforded by the EEO act forced on all & sundry by the leftists, from as far back as the ’70s. The ex-schoolteacher type, leftist policy wonks who’ve inhabited the backrooms of govt departments need a bullet (ah….what lovely things metaphors are…) for starters.

    These marxist, useful idiots have thrown spanners into the workings of just about anywhere they have inhabited, driving policy to the far left almost unabated!

    As you’ve pointed out Red, crusher was a leftist at one point. We probably all were. I don’t know enough about her past to comment on whether she is predominately preoccupied with feminist issues within her portfolio but it may be worthwhile noting that this recent report would seem to be compiled by one (again, no knowledge of the author or contributors) of those selfsame leftist inspired policy wonks.

    Of course, being a middle aged woman, in her 50’s one would assume, there’s little doubt that Collins would NOT have been affected by the womens liberation movement to some extent. Most were, and the whole direction and thrust of the NZ political spectrum has been thrust to the left since the early seventies whereby rather extreme views are now considered mainstream! She’d be a perfect fit for the moderate Dem’s in the States, no doubts. Pity is, her views are pretty much the norm these days.

    Nevertheless, I maintain that the true architects of this report are buried in some policy consultants office in central Wellington somewhere.


  5. You only have to read up a bit on these issues Dazza to find that the Police force is apparently rent apart by an unnecessary need to accommodate women within its ranks. I just cannot see that the outcomes warrant the destruction of morale in the Police Force. Maybe its time just to say No to women in the Police, and to hell with the cultural Marxists. Then the Police can get back to focusing on law enforcement without being so severely distracted by the politically correct mantras of the left.


  6. its funny that the basis of the arguement is not about gender but about ability.

    sure, great. we all agree.

    and lets have equal tests, responsibilities and accoutability.


  7. Good post. I have always thought the pre-occupation with car crushing very authoritarian and puts the inherent justice we expect from the state in punishing wrongdoing to be severely imbalanced, and prone to generating miscarriages of justice.

    Actually, I wrote a post about it once: Boy Racers – a different take

    And the rest of your post makes some great points.


  8. Feminists are usually women who can’t or don’t get laid on a regular basis, then they turn into being a feminists as a way to distract their personal problems about not having sex. I think that Judith Collins suffers the same thing.


  9. The govt ie Police have abolutely NO RIGHT to steal and destroy the private property of others, as in crushing so-called ‘boy racer’ cars. Many boy racers are not boys, and many are not young.

    Collins is authoritarian to the core, in all respects. This Jew can imagine her as a warden at Belsen.


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