28 thoughts on “General Debate 20/01/11

  1. “Most of them are so far in the closet (politically) they are living in friggin’ Narnia!”

    Damn right. A fair few of them too are right out of that other closet.


  2. Actually the more the convince themselves it can’t/won’t happen, the sweeter Palin’s victory will be. And what they all seem to not see is that the victory is not limited by the Presidency, but awakening the true American spirit. Once that happens, the left are fucked.


  3. What’s truly staggering is the level of political debate in NZ, especially among the under 30’s. That in itself is an indictment of the state indoctrination centres– laughingly known as “schools”.


  4. I agree Ciaron. The more I see those left media dupes spouting their rubbish, the more I want Palin to win, and the sweeter the victory will be. I believe she can overcome all those leftmedia scum and win the Presidency, and the RNC can go to hell as well.


  5. “That in itself is an indictment of the state indoctrination centres– laughingly known as “schools”.”

    Yep, obviously know nothing about how the Hitler Jugend came into being.

    Just lame brainwashed cultural Marxists completely unaware of what has been done to them.


  6. Hmm…but the RNC can help trip her up…they have form in that department. A ew arefully placed “leaks” and by the time the truth surfaces, the damage has been done by the MSM. Big headlines, tiny or non-existent retraction weeks later.
    Works every time.


  7. Think you’re funny, don’t you redsterbator.

    Got a job yet/ Slimy,lying, scum sucking dolefuckingbludger

    [Sure mad as a hornet ain’t he? Thought I’d let that one through for the laffs. Its mild compared to his usual insane spittle flecked rants.. 🙂 ]


  8. If she can mobilize enough grass roots support to circumvent either the republicans or the dems, that would be a major victory. We all know there is no difference between left & right anymore, so as I see it, the Presidency is no longer the objective. Getting the populace to re-engage and take back what is theirs is the only way out. If she can get the whole country to give up its pacifier, that… would be total victory.


  9. See where the Nats are probably going for Maggie Barry as their candidate for Botany.

    Anyone know what she stands for.?

    I’ll bet the Nats don’t have a damn clue, and aren’t worried about it either. Anyone else see that braindead liberal that Cactus Kate featured who they were thinking of picking for Northland? Good frigging grief they’re hopeless.

    Scroll down here if you want to read about her.



  10. Maggie Barry will be picked because she has a profile and is “clean”.

    Anyone who voluntarily has a picture taken with the clark-beast is by definition not a conservative… but then again, would fit in nicely with the current bunch.


  11. What an obsessive hate riddled communist loon Paul Egerton Piesse [of shit] is. How many different handles he operates under I don’t know. Perhaps we should cut him some slack, he does suffer from depression (seriously)

    Fugley, Billy Borker, LeftRightOut, MyNameIsJack, Stan Zemanek, Alex Burns . . .


    NB: Stan Zemanek is a deceased Australian conservative talkback host and Alex Burns is D4J’s daughter. Yes this communist loon is a real Piesse of shit alright.


  12. Well, yeah. But using another commenters child’s name for a handle is weapons-grade-fucked-in-the-head. I don’t think philu would go that far.


  13. That’s nothing. The POS frequently comments using other commenter’s names as well. Can you imagine what a totally amoral scumbag like that would do with power if it was ever available to him? Just another Pol Pot in embryonic form.

    I’ve been fighting the left for more than ten years on the net now. Nothing surprises me any more. They’re mostly just utter vermin, and there are plenty around just as depraved as Piesse of Shit.


  14. . . . just read the KB thread in question.

    What infuriates me most are those felchtards on the “right” who so easily ingratiate themselves with the narrative of the Left:

    # Gooner (878) Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    I agree with Danyl M.

    # Pauleastbay (621) Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Have to agree with Danyl and Gooner on this…………….

    It’s pathetic !

    “Gooner” is a tragic waste of space on the political “right”. If you ever want to know why ACT is such a fuck up, this ingratiating quisling was the party secretary. . and fools like him have poisoned the entire outfit.


  15. Paul Piessofshit said…
    Got a job yet/ Slimy,lying, scum sucking dolefuckingbludger

    And your profession is WHAT? Paul, are you a toilet cleaner or toilet licker? May be you’re a concil rubbish collector, aren’t you? Well, let me tell you this. Such job or profession (as yours’ – ie, toilet licker) is regarded as unemployment (or dole). WHY? Because it is government fucking unproductive job.

    Ok, may be I’m too hard on you, but can you tell me what actually that you do for a job? C’mon, toilet licking is not a job really? Don’t be ashamed of it man, just fess up.


  16. “What infuriates me most are those felchtards on the “right” who so easily ingratiate themselves with the narrative of the Left:”

    Yep, and other worthless idiots and cowards like Big Bruv who really do think that their desperate ignorance is worth countering. FFS. One might as well talk rocket science with a barbary ape.

    ..and then you’ve got reid (small r) who asserts as a fact that Palin is dumb, no doubt because she doesn’t believe 9/11 was an inside job.


  17. “Many aspects of middlebrow culture could often be found in the Australian Labor Party, and the rise and fall of its values is well captured by Kim Beazley Snr’s famous remark that when he joined the ALP in the 1930s it was composed of the cream of the working class; when he left it in the 1970s it was made up of the dregs of the middle class.”
    From ‘Stoic philosophy and the profession of arms’, a brilliant and absorbing essay.


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