General Debate 21/01/11

Beehive press release- Community support vital to success of Whare Oranga Ake

The ceremonial start to construction of a new rehabilitation unit at Hawkes Bay Prison marks a philosphical shift in corrections policy and practice, according to Associate Corrections Minister Dr Pita Sharples. Unlike most prisons, which are built to keep people apart, Dr Sharples said the new Whare Oranga Ake is based on Maori philosophies, and marks a new beginning. “In Maori tradition, building a house is about building family and community.” he said. “Constructing this building must also begin a process of rebuilding a sense of community. That is what Whare Oranga Ake is all about.” Prisoners would … have to show courage, to break out of entrenched attitudes and patterns of behaviour that lead so many prisoners to reoffend.

Separate jails for Maori?? No end to the lunacy.

9 thoughts on “General Debate 21/01/11

  1. Honestly, there will be a lot of relieved minor crims . Happy now they don’t have to be intimidated every day, stood over, judged by worse crims than themselves. Wondering at the beginning of each day about surviving without being assaulted or harrassed by loud mouth gorrillas and goons. I am very happy for non Maori inmates trying to serve a few months as best they can for their peace of mind enjoying the benefits of seperate incarceration. Uneducated Maori crims are the worst breed there is. Beyond uncouth. They are a stain to humanity. As one cop told me, he has been able in his profession to arrest ‘pure evil’.

    I for one do not begrudge petty crims some relief from them.


  2. Filed under ‘events that encourage the strangulation of bureaucrats’-

    Taupo police are no longer allowed to use their electric-powered Segways because current vehicle legislation cannot classify the stand-on scooters. The station became the first in the country to use the Segways, and officers had been travelling on them when roads were closed and when patrolling the town’s streets, Taupo police area commander Inspector Steve Bullock said. But the two $13,5000 scooters, which were bought by Taupo Moana Rotary Club and lent to police by Taupo Safer Community Trust, are now sitting unused because they do not fit into any category under current vehicle legislation.

    Just get on the damn things and ride them you utterly spineless bunch of lamers..!!!


  3. Following with interest the debate at Farrar’s blog re his claim to be a Republican if he were in America!
    He ought to be kidding himself!


  4. I have news for the Rotund One….even the Republican Party wouldn’t have him. Perhaps as a minor functionary in Acorn or the ACLU would be more his speed.


  5. On the prison issue, I have always supported having separate prisons for different classes of inmate.

    The ‘short, sharp shock’ prison for first time offenders.

    The hard labour camp for those who don’t get the message from the first sentence.

    The spartan prison for recidivists and inmates who have committed the nastier types of crime. The place where they spend the rest of their days and are managed accordingly.

    Race doesn’t come into it,by my recognition. Shit comes in all colours and shades.


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